Past Featured Families

Kelley Family

I was born a Kelley (some past ancestors spelled it Kelly). I haven't done much research on the Kelley family since there was a wonderful lady who researched the Kelley family back in the 1980's. Her husband Paul Smith was the Kelley descendant, they traveled and met members of the Kelley family gathering information. They published a book, JOEL KELLEY in September 1984.
The following is my line.
Joel Kelley born circa 1775 in South Carolina. Joel was married to Letta (Darlton?) born circa 1781. Joel and Letta moved to East Tennessee. They had 12 children, my ancestor was Elijah Kelley, born November 23,1820 in McMinn County,Tennessee, he died Dec. 23, 1875. Elijah married Julia Jane McSpadden about 1845. Julia was born Feb. 16, 1822 and died Feb. 16, 1901. They are both buried in the Kelley family cemetery in Bradley County, Tennessee.
Children of Elijah and Julia Kelley
l. Elizabeth Kelley Sept. 25,1846 -Aug. 12,1909
2. Stewart Russell Kelley May 23,1848 - Nov. 10, 1924
3. Joseph Clay Kelley March 12, 1850 - July 17, 1918
4. William Perry Kelley Jan. 15,1852 - May 2, 1946
5. Hiram D. Kelley Jan.1,1854- May 30,1928
6. John F. Kelley Jan. 16, 1856 - July 27,1945
7. Polly Kelley Jan. 17, 1858 Died young
8. Nathan L. Kelley Aug. 1, 1860 - March 28, 1949
9. Nettie Kelley 1862 Died young
10. Elijah L. Kelley Aug. 29, 1865 - Nov. 11, 1955
My ancestor was Hiram Douglas Kelley who was born in Bradley County, Tennessee. He married Nancy Matilda Potts, daughter of Arch R. Potts and Nancy Caroline Wolfe. Nancy was born Nov. 28, 1853 in Bradley County, Tennessee. She died March 31, 1931 and both she and Hiram are buried in the Chattanooga Valley Cemetery, Walker County,Ga.
Hiram and Nancy had ten children.
l. Minnie Elizabeth Kelley Aug. 17,1878 - Jan. 14, 1960
2. Carolyn "Carrie" Franklin Kelley Feb. 14, 1880 - Oct. 31,1970
3. Louise "Lou" Evelyn Kelley March 4, 1882 - Aug.20, 1940
4. Edgar Elijah Kelley Jan. 27, 1884 -Feb. 22,1929
5. William E. Kelley Jan8, 1886 - Jan. 8, 1886 -Aug. 28, 1886
6. Jesse James Kelley July 8, 1887 - June 28, 1970
7. Ora Rebecca Kelley Aug.28, 1889 - ?
8. Esca Hiram Kelley Apr. 8, 1892 - July 17,1968
9. Nancy M. Kelley Mar. 25, 1895 - June 25, 1896
10. Arch T. Kelley June 29,1897 - Oct.. 18, 1899
Edgar Elijah Kelley was my grandfather. He married Faye Iown Newby on April 27,1913. Edgar was young when he died in 1929, only 45. Edgar and Faye had six children.
If you think you may be related to any of the Kelley's listed here, please e-mail me and I'll be glad to look up the name in the Joel Kelley book.

Edgemon Family
The first Featured Family will be the Edgemon Family, because I have recently visited the Edgemon Cemetery and made pictures and posted information which can be found Here.

W. M. Edgemon born 1765, died 1841, my Great Great Great Great Grandfather

Samuel Edgemon born 1792, died 1876, my Great Great Great Grandfather

Kimbal Edgemon born 1833, died 1902, my Great Great Grandfather

Lettie Edgemon Wilson born 1869, died 1944, my Great Grandmother

These Edgemon’s were from Ten Mile, Tennessee which is near Athens. The Edgemon’s have a Family Reunion each August. I Almost went to the Reunion once back in the 1970’s which I’ll write about later.

Newby Family

My Newby family connection starts with my paternal grandmother.
Fay I. Newby, 1892-1984, she married Edgar Elijah Kelley 1884-1929.

Fay and Edgar had six children:
Bonnie Lee 1916-2005
Lydia Louise 1918-2001
Eugene Douglas 1920-1945
Tom Franklin 1923-2001
Betty Jewell 1926-2008
David Henry 1928-1976
They lived in the North Georgia area called Chattanooga Valley.
Fay Newby was the daughter of David Henry Newby, 1868-1945.
David H. Newby married Olivia Jane (Jennie) Long, 1872-1916.
David and Jennie had seven children:
Fay Iown 1892-1984
King Moses 1894-1971
Lydia Ola 1895-1987
Thomas Timothy 1897-1974
Henry Burdick 1899-1985
Jewell Grace 1902-1991
Edwin Emanuel 1909-1988
My Grandmother (Fay) was born in Walker County, Ga but the family lived for a few years in Thurber, Texas. They returned to Walker County sometime around 1900.
David H. Newby’s father was King H. Newby, 1839-1889? Not sure of the date of death.
King H. Newby was married to Lydia A. Woodley or Woodlee, 1849-1924
According to the 1880 Census, Franklin County, Tennessee, they had five children:
Martha J. 1860-1937
David 1868-1945
Elizabetta (Bettie) 1870-1906
Ellen 1875-?
Thomas 1877-1930
Martha Newby married Edwin Burdick who died in 1934. Martha was a doctor and Edwin was a lawyer in Denver. I have found no record of them having any children.

Elizabetta, I believe is the Bettie Newby Thurman who I have found in some of the Newby information which I received from my Aunt. Bettie Thurman died Sept. 25, 1906. Bettie married John Thurman. According to the 1900 Census, Polk County, Tennessee, John and Bettie had five children:
Ida L.
Harry H.
I have found Ida Thurman married a Minor Davis. On the 1910 Census, Hamilton County, Tennessee, Ida and Minor Davis had two children: Clara and Nettie and a boarder Stella Thurman.
I have not found anything on Ellen Newby.
Thomas Newby lived in Roundup, Montana at the time of his death and was listed as single. We have found no record that he married.
If anyone is related to any of these families, please contact me. I hope that some of Bettie Newby Thurman’s descendants may have information on the Newby family which our branch doesn’t have.
Check Newby Family stories HERE.

Farrell Family

My Great Grandmother, Sallie Rebecca Farrell Ziegler, was the twelfth child of Theophilus Lafayette Farrell and Janette M. Borden. I have to say that I was blessed to have known my Great Grandmother.

Theophilus Lafayette Farrell was born September 15, 1832 and died September 26, 1916 and Janette M. Borden Farrell was born December 23, 1833 and died January 13, 1913.Theophilus and Janette married on May 5, 1853.


l. Emily Parolee Farrell March 16, 1854 – Jan. 28, 1945

2. David Stokely Farrell July 9, 1855 – July 11, 1931

3. John Huff Farrell Jan. 18, 1857 – July 27, 1920

4. Mary Elizabeth Farrell May 17, 1858 – Feb. 13, 1944

5. Louisa Queen Farrell Jan. 20, 1860 – Sept.30, 1949

6. Jefferson Davis Farrell Aug. 9, 1861 – 1946

7. Thomas Lafayette Farrell Jan. 7, 1864 – Feb. 25, 1932

8. Addie Belle Farrell Feb. 5, 1866 – March 4, 1870

9. Nannie Janettte Farrell Dec. 11, 1867 – May 30, 1951

10. Marshall McKeldin Farrell Nov. 19, 1869 – Oct. 28, 1944

11. Ora Agnes Farrell (drowned) Mar. 31, 1871 – Feb. 26, 1875

12. Sallie Rebecca Farrell Nov. 30, 1873 – Mar. 2, 1972

13. Essie Gertrude Farrell April 26, 1876 – July 2, 1895

14. Pearl Mathenia Farrell April 5, 1878 – Oct. 20, 1958

There is no record of T. L. Farrell’s father. His mother was Elizabeth Marshall Farrell; she was born 1804 and died Oct. 30. 1878. She was known as Granny Farrell.T. L. Farrell’s sisters were Julia Riddle, Rebecca Elizabeth Wilson, Mary (unmarried), and Louisa Edgemon (Aunt Sis).

I recently learned from the 1860 Census that T. L. Farrell was born in North Carolina. His sisters and mother were also born in North Carolina. I don’t know if the father died in North Carolina or after the family moved to Tennessee.

If you are related to the Farrell family in North Carolina or Tennessee please contact me.I don’t have a lot of information or pictures but will be glad to share what I have.

The picture at the top of the blog is a copy, I don't know who has the original. I believe the boy on the left is my Grandfather, John Ziegler, and the lady next to him is my Great Grandmother. The older lady and man on the right side I believe are Janette and T. L. Farrell. I assume the others are their children but I do not know them.