Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Ida's Baby

The back of this picture says Ida's Baby. My hope is that one of Ida's descendants will find these pictures and the little information I have will help them in their genealogy research! Or maybe they will have information on the Newby family to share with us.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ida Thurman Davis

Working on Genealogy is some what like working a GIANT puzzle with missing pieces and maybe a few pieces that belong with another puzzle. Where do you start! You keep looking through the pieces over and over til something looks like it goes together. Lately my Genealogy research has been at the looking at pieces over and over stage. In June I received a True Treasure, Newby family pictures. I've been scanning them and studying them to figure out who they all are. Some have names and I know the names but other names I don't know, are they family or friends, still other pictures have no name at all.

I've been going back over old information my Aunt gave me years ago. She had a list of names with dates of death. I didn't know who they were and she told me (I'm glad I got to ask her this, she died in Jan. 07) they were her Grandfather Newby's brothers and sisters. Don't know where she got the information. There was no notation of where they lived when they died. I went back to Census records and websites I had looked at before.

Finally Monday morning with just a few minutes to work, things started to come together! One sister was Bettie Thurman and she died Sept. 25, 1906 since I didn't know anything about this sister I decided to start with the Obituary Database from the Chattanooga Library. Well there were quite a few Thurman names, I didn't find Bettie but just happened on a name that rang bells. Ida Thurman Davis, I've found pictures of a Davis family and another of two little girls named Nettie and Clara Davis and another of a baby which says Ida's baby on back. The Database also had her husband's name, Minor Davis.

My next step was to go to the Census records for 1910. BINGO! Minor and Ida and children Nettie and Clara Davis were living in Hamilton County, Tn. There was also a Stella Thurman, age 10, living with them. Stella would have only been 6 when her mother, Bettie Thurman, died.

The 1920 Census again shows the Davis family living in Hamilton County, Tn. children Nettie, Clara and Delores but no Stella. Taking a chance that Stella would still be single at 20 years old, I checked for Stella Thurman. Stella was living with Robert and Ethel Miller and Stella is a sister-in-law.

At this point I went backwards, to the 1900 Census and found a Bettie and John Thurman living in Polk County, Tn with children Ida, Ethel, Harry,Thomas and Stella.

I checked the Hamilton County Clerk Anytime Online Services for marriage records for Bettie and John Thurman and found that they married in Hamilton County Feb. 3, 1888. This information hopefully will help since this places the Newby family in Hamilton County or at least near in 1888. We are pretty sure that Bettie, Mattie, David and Tom's father died in 1889, we just don't know where.

I also found that Ida and Minor Davis married in Hamilton County, Tn Dec. 16, 1905 less that a year before her mother died. Ida would have been 15. Ida died in 1947. I plan to get the obituary for Ida Thurman Davis maybe there will be more information there.

Now I am wondering if the picture of Tom Newby with a lady and two girls could be Bettie Thurman and her two of her daughters. I've never found any record that Tom Newby ever married.
Still looking at the pieces!!

Friday, September 25, 2009


Last time there was the question did Tom Newby have a wife and children. I'm not sure. This does look like the same man in fact I believe it to be. If you zoom in on both pictures you will see that the man in both pictures is missing the first joint on his middle finger on the left hand. There are no names on the back. I have found no record of him having a wife and children only this picture.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Leaving Denver

Leaving Denver!
I believe the lady on the left to be Mattie Newby Burdick, Tom Newby (her brother). They are the brother and sister of my Great Grandfater David Newby. I don't know who the other lady is. Wife?? On his death certificate he is listed as single and on the Census he is single. Did he have a wife and children?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - from Montana

Picture post card from Thomas Newby in Roundup, Montana to his mother in Georgia.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Davis Family??

The back of this picture says Nettie Davis and Clara Davis.

The two oldest girls in this picture could be the two little Davis girls in the above picture. Or at least I think they look similar and they have the same last name.

The back of the Davis family picture says Mr. and Mrs. Davis and family and in the address area it says Mrs. l.a. Newby. I know that my Great Great Grandmother was Lydia A. Newby. If only I knew who the Davis family was.
Now if only I can figure out if this family was related to the Newby family or just friends.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Funny Pictures

If you enjoy looking at old pictures especially funny ones you should check out Photo Detective with Maureen A. Taylor. I have a funny one in the Newby collection, the back of the picture says

Frank Allison (I think it is Allison) and wife and Thomas Newby and sister left. I believe the sister is Mattie Newby Burdick who was a Doctor in Denver.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Memorial Card

Wordless Wednesday's post was a card (funeral, memorial, remembrance) that was in with some pictures of the Newby family which I was blessed to get from my Aunt's things sometime after her death. My Aunt had received the pictures from her mother. We think Mr. Newby was my Great Great Grandfather, King Newby.
The card is about the thickness of the old photos of that time period. It is black with gold writing. The really bad thing is the card doesn't have the name of the city which he lived in or the name of the company which printed the card.
After posting the card last week I just got a couple of comments from Betsy from Tennessee. She had never seen anything like this before. This reminded me that I really haven't had much time to research this type of card. So I Googled funeral cards and found a link to Ancestors At Rest which I have read a few times before. There I found cards which were similar to the card for Mr. Newby. Most of the cards pictured had the copyright and the printer's name. How I wish mine did.
I also found an interesting article at Ancestry on Funeral Cards. I believe after reading the article the card I have is a Memorial, or mourning card. I still don't know where he died but I feel a step closer just by finding out what type of card it was. My hope is that by posting the card and this information with links someone who knows more about Memorial cards will be able to provide some information about where this came from.
We think the family lived in Tennessee, Alabama and possibly in Georgia.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wordless Wednesday!

A treasure and we hope a clue to a brick wall in the Newby Family genealogy!
This may be my Great Great Grandfather Newby as 1889 is about the time we lost all record of him. The problem is this doesn't give a first name and there is no way of knowing where this is from. PLEASE! PLEASE!! if anyone has ever seen anything like this let me know.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Labor Day

Since Labor Day is coming up on Monday I thought I would post some work pictures of the family.

I believe the man on the far left to be my Great Grandfather D.H.Newby, he was a coal miner.
I think the man on the far right in the next picture to also be my Great Grandfather, D.H.Newby. This looks like he is older so maybe he took a job in a textile mill later in life.

I'm not sure who is in this picture or even where it was taken.

There are a group of ladies on the far right of the next picture. My Aunt Bonnie is in the middle of the back row.

The man on the far right in the next photo is my Great Grandfather Ziegler (Will Ziegler). I'm not sure if this was his store or when he worked for someone else.

The next picture is O. B. Andrews Co. Chattanoooga, Tn Dec. 2, 1941. Back row 4th from the right is my Grandfather (John Ziegler)

My Mom is the 4th lady from the left on the second row in the next picture. The picture was taken in 1944.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Don't know who this sweet baby is!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Find a Grave and Tombstone Tuesday

About a year ago I discovered from a lady I met on the Find a Grave website that my Great Great Great Grandfather John Long and his wife were buried at the Lookout Cemetery. This lady was so wonderful to share LOTS of information on the Long Family with me. The Lookout Cemetery is near the Chattanooga Valley Cemetery where my Grandfather and Grandmother Kelley and other relatives are buried.
My family and I went out and found the Lookout Cemetery. We walked and walked and walked and never found the graves for the Long family. It must have been 100 degrees that day we were so HOT. I left thinking there were no markers.
Then I discovered that my Great Great Great Grandmother Adeline Burk was also buried at the Lookout Cemetery. I decided to put a photo request in on the Find a Grave website. On Sunday I received an e-mail from a very nice man who had taken the time to go to the Lookout Cemetery and search for the graves. They were not buried at the Lookout Cemetery.
He didn't stop there he took the time to search more and found the Old Lookout Cemetery about a mile down the road and there they were John and Elizabeth Long and Adeline Burk. He took pictures of the markers and posted them on the Find a Grave website. Because of the kindness of someone I don't know I now have pictures of my relatives graves. I hope to go soon to find the Old Lookout Cemetery.
If you haven't checked out the Find a Grave website please do.