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Grandma's Diary part 5

Grandma wrote of her brother Marshall McKeldin Farrell,"Mack". Uncle Mack went to work for the New York Racket Store when he first came to Chattanooga. It was then located where Fountain Square is now. The store caught fire and in the disaster a fireman lost his life. The statue of a fireman was erected on the site to commemorate his devotion to duty. The store was rebuilt on Market St. under the name of Miller Brothers, and still operates under that name. (note - there is no longer a Miller Brothers store but the statue of the fireman still stands in Fountain Square.)

With the exception of a few interludes when he went into business for himself, Uncle Mack worked for Miller Brothers his entire adult life. He was certainly loyal to the company and was known as an outstanding salesman.

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Grandma's Diary part 4

Grandma wrote a short family history on her brother David Stokely Farrell, "Stoke" who was born July 9,1855 and died July 11,1931. He served 22 years as a deputy under sheriffs Conner, Bush, Selman, and Taylor. In later years served civil papers for Squire Pete Lawrence.
His wife was Jalia Sharp the sister of Sam H. Sharp who was married to Mary Elizabeth Farrell, "Aunt Mollie".
David and Jalia's children were:
John L. (Brooke)
Bertha Agnes (unmarried)
Mary Davis
Harriet Smolick
Janette Elder
Elba Dinkins
Lavina Elsie (unmarried)
born 1884 died 1914 at Grandfather Farrell's home. Perforated appendix.
Nellie died of diphtheria at an early age.

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Grandma's Diary part 3

Grandma wrote about her brother Jefferson Davis Farrell, "Jeff", born August 9,1861 and died 1946. She wrote, "As a young man Jeff was a shoe salesman for a firm in Knoxville, Tennessee. He traveled all over East Tenn. When he would go home, he took shoes and other clothes for his younger brothers and sisters. They always looked forward to his visits. There seemed to be a close bond between brothers and sisters."
Jeff married Minnie M. Rice in Nov. 1888. Their children were Bruce, Margaret Nankiville, Janette, and Frances.
I wish there was information on all of the siblings, however, I'm thankful for the information which we do have.

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Grandma's Diary part 2

 I wrote before about Grandma's diary, I never saw the diary and don't even know of anyone who did see it. My Great Aunt Christian wrote excerpts from the diary and gave us copies many years ago. This is one of the things she wrote:
"My Mother was Janette M. Borden. She and my Father, Theophilus LaFayette Farrell (called Bud by his many friends), were married May 5,1853. They had 14 children. Two little girls died at the age of 4 years. Addie Belle died March 4,1870 ; Ora Agnes was drowned in the creek below the house while she and brother Mack were watering their "stick horses." That happened on February 26,1875. My parents raised 12 children to be grown.
"My Father had 4 sisters: Julia Riddle, Rebecca Wilson, Mary Farrell (unmarried) and Louisa Edgemon (better known as "Aunt Sis."

"His mother was Elizabeth Marshall Farrell. After her husband died, she went to live in a small house which her son, T. L. , had built just back of his home. She was affectionately known as "Granny Farrell" and lived to the ripe old age of 100. ( I have found a note in some other papers from my Great Aunt that Elizabeth M. Farrell died Oct. 30,1878 at the age of 74 years. My Great Grandmother would have been 5 when her Grandmother died, so she may have thought her Grandmother was 100.)

"Early in life, one of Father's sisters died and left 2 little boys, so my Mother took those boys and gave them a home. Later another sister died and left 2 little boys. So Mother took them to raise. With her own five boys, this made a family of 9 boys and 7 girls. Of course, the boys would tease, quarrel, and fight, but they soon learned to love each other."

"I can remember the big farmhouse of 4 big rooms. On the back porch was the big loom. There was always some kid of cloth being made, mostly for the boys. Of course, we girls had "linsey" dresses, one real nice "for Sunday. Father's youngest sister stayed most all the time at our home to help sew.

"My! My! What a time we all had together! I don't see how on earth Mother lived through all this, but I don't remember of hearing her complain about anything ever."

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Obituary For Queen Farrell

Obituary for Queen Farrell from the Chattanooga Times Oct. 2,1949, page 25.Queen was the fifth child of T.L. and Janette Farrell. Sister of Sallie Farrell Ziegler (my Great Grandmother). She was not buried in the Mount Zion Cemetery as many of her family were. She was buried in the West View Cemetery in Sweetwater,Tn.

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Obituary for Pearl Farrell

Obituary for Pearl Farrell from the Chattanooga Times Oct. 22,1958, page 11. Pearl was the youngest child of T. L.  and Janette Farrell. She was the sister of Sallie Farrell Ziegler (my Great Grandmother). She never married. She taught school in Monroe and Roane Counties. She is buried in the Mount Zion Cemetery along with many other Farrell family members.

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Obituary for T. L. Farrell

I have found the obituary for T. L. Farrell but have been unable to locate an obituary for Janette Farrell who died in 1913. I have found on the Find a Grave website that a good many of the Farrell family were buried at the Mount Zion Cemetery.

Farrell, Annie M.

b. Jan. 25, 1881 d. Mar. 7, 1883
Farrell, Blanche
b. May 1, 1908 d. Apr. 20, 1961
Farrell, Bruce J.
b. 1931 d. 1978
Farrell, Bruner F.
b. Aug. 30, 1892 d. Apr. 25, 1958
Farrell, Ellen S.
b. Jul. 23, 1890 d. Sep. 20, 1976
Farrell, Essie G.
b. Apr. 26, 1876 d. Jul. 2, 1895
Farrell, F. L.
b. Sep. 15, 1832 d. Sep. 26, 1916
Farrell, J. H.
b. Jan. 18, 1857 d. Jul. 27, 1920
Farrell, Janet M.
b. Dec. 3, 1833 d. Jan. 13, 1913
Farrell, Lavina Elsie
b. 1884 d. 1914
Farrell, Louisa
b. Feb. 28, 1830 d. Jan. 6, 1900
Farrell, Mary E.
b. Jun. 13, 1865 d. Mar. 31, 1936
Farrell, Paul
b. Apr. 1, 1907 d. Jan. 4, 1963
Farrell, Pearl M.
b. 1878 d. 1958
Farrell, Thomas L.
b. Jan. 7, 1864 d. Feb. 25, 1932

Mount Zion Cemetery

Meigs County, Tennessee

List from Find a Grave

T.L. Farrell is listed as F. L. Farrell, I'm not sure if this is a typing error or if the marker is hard to read. I think I remember seeing  a photo of T.L. Farrell's marker but have not been able to locate it. I would like to make a trip to this cemetery but not sure when that will happen.

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Bank of Sweetwater

This is something you don't see very often these days. The above letter expressing sympathy in the loss of Janette Farrell was sent to T. L. Farrell in 1913. I found the letter among some postcards I received from my Great Aunt Christian's things after she died. It is now almost 100 years old. The letter was folded and falling apart.
I guess I should not say that this type thing isn't done anymore, when my Dad died, the ladies at the Bank sent my Mom a sympathy card. A couple of the ladies that remember my Dad tell me from time to time how much they miss seeing him come in and they always ask how my Mom is doing.

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Union or Confederate?

As I remember the stories told by my Great Aunt one of my Great Great Grandfather's fought on the Union side and one fought on the Confederate side. Maybe I've just remembered it wrong! Maybe she had the story wrong.
At Footnote I found the Pension File on T. L. Farrell and Jacob Ziegler. I knew Jacob fought on the Union side however I was surprised to find T. L. Farrell there as well. I'm new to Footnote and don't know the rules of posting so I'll just give a link to the Pension File.
If anyone knows the rules on posting, please let me know.
Theophilus L. Farrell was in the 7th Regiment, Tennessee Mounted Infantry.At the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System I found the following information: copied
Organized at Athens and Nashville, Tenn., August, 1864. Attached to District of East Tennessee to March, 1865. 2nd Brigade, District of East Tennessee, Dept. of the Cumberland, to July, 1865.
SERVICE.-Duty at Nashville and Athens till March, 1865. Action at Athens January 28, 1865. Near Philadelphia March 1. Operations about Athens March 2-4. Guard passes east of Athens till July. Mustered out July 27, 1865.

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Janette Matheny Borden Farrell's Family

There isn't a lot of information on Janette's family in what I got from my Great Aunt. Janette's father is listed only as Mr.Borden. Her mother is listed as Polly Huff. There is a note that Janette's mother and father divorced and she later married Mr. Jameson. Polly and Mr. Jameson had two daughters Jane and Queen Jameson.
Sometimes I have better lucky searching at Family Search so I first looked for Polly Jameson in the 1860 Census but didn't find her. Since I don't have her husband's name I decided to search for Queen Jameson in the 1860 Census. I found Queen Jamison, age 16, with mother Mary Jamison,age 45, and father B.C. Jamison, age 64. They were living in McMinn County,Tennessee. Then I looked back through the information from my Great Aunt and found a copy of the Marriage Certificate from the Bible and saw that one of the witnesses was a Mary Jameson. Their marriage took place at the home of the bride. I went to Footnote and saved a copy of the 1860 Census.

So far I've been unable to find the marriage record for Mary(Polly) and Mr. Jameson (Jamison). I did find a marriage record for Mary Huff (maiden name for Janette's mother) and David Borden, March 31,1833 in Rhea County,Tennessee.

In the 1850 Census the Jamison family had Campbell,Mary, Janette,Nancy, and Justina. Is this the same family?  I'm not sure. The father's name was B.C. Jamison and was 64 in the 1860 Census so Campbell, 55 in the 1850 Census could be the same person. Mary's age is off, she was 45 in 1860 and 30 in 1850. The age is close enough to be the same person. Janette was 16 in 1850  and 26 in 1860 so this could be the same person. Nancy and Justina are not the names of the sisters, however, I've seen several family members that went by different names on the Census or the names were recorded wrong.

I'm not 100% sure but Janette's father could be  David Borden and her step-father could be B.C. (Campbell) Jamison. I'll keep searching to confirm these finds.
 I would love to hear from anyone researching this family.

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T. L. Farrell

                                                          Another photo of T. L. Farrell.

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Janette M. Borden Farrell

This is Janette M. Borden Farrell wife of T.L.Farrell. She was the mother of 14 children, an amazing woman.
I can't believe how much my Great Grandmother, Sallie R. Farrell Ziegler, looked like her Mother. The above photo is Sallie R. Farrell Ziegler with her husband,Will Ziegler and their children, Harry,John, Hobert,and Christian.

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Theophilus Lafayette Farrell

As I've said before I don't have the original photos. I don't know if his name was on the original or if someone remembered being told that this was T.L. Farrell.

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Grandma's Diary

The information which I have on the Farrell family was from my Great Aunt Christian Farrell Ziegler. She was the daughter of Sallie Rebecca Farrell Ziegler, she never married and lived with her mother until her mother's death in 1972. Sometime in the late 1970's Aunt Christian gave all her nieces and nephews (and Great nieces and nephews) handwritten information on the Ziegler family and the Farrell family, she had several excerpts transcribed from her mother's diary. I never saw the diary and have no ideal what happened to the diary. I would love to have copies of the entire diary but am thankful for what I have. I wonder if she had plans to do more and just never got around to doing it. She saved everything, so I just hope the diary was found and is treasured by someone in the family.
One treasure was this short excerpt.
"Our needs were simple. We had few conveniences and expected little, but we had plenty of food, shelter, and clothing and love and we were happy and grateful for what we had."

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Featured Family - Farrell

Thank you Mary for stopping by yesterday and leaving a comment and a guess which family would be the next featured family. I could not believe my eyes as I read your comment, how did you guess? I did say that I had found information on the Farrell family in the 1860 Census at over the weekend.

My Great Grandmother, Sallie Rebecca Farrell Ziegler, was the twelfth child of Theophilus Lafayette Farrell and Janette M. Borden. I have to say that I was blessed to have known my Great Grandmother.

Theophilus Lafayette Farrell was born September 15, 1832 and died September 26, 1916 and Janette M. Borden Farrell was born December 23, 1833 and died January 13, 1913.
Theophilus and Janette married on May 5, 1853.

l. Emily Parolee Farrell March 16, 1854 – Jan. 28, 1945
2. David Stokely Farrell July 9, 1855 – July 11, 1931
3. John Huff Farrell Jan. 18, 1857 – July 27, 1920
4. Mary Elizabeth Farrell May 17, 1858 – Feb. 13, 1944
5. Louisa Queen Farrell Jan. 20, 1860 – Sept.30, 1949
6. Jefferson Davis Farrell Aug. 9, 1861 – 1946
7. Thomas Lafayette Farrell Jan. 7, 1864 – Feb. 25, 1932
8. Addie Belle Farrell Feb. 5, 1866 – March 4, 1870
9. Nannie Janettte Farrell Dec. 11, 1867 – May 30, 1951
10. Marshall McKeldin Farrell Nov. 19, 1869 – Oct. 28, 1944
11. Ora Agnes Farrell (drowned) Mar. 31, 1871 – Feb. 26, 1875
12. Sallie Rebecca Farrell Nov. 30, 1873 – Mar. 2, 1972
13. Essie Gertrude Farrell April 26, 1876 – July 2, 1895
14. Pearl Mathenia Farrell April 5, 1878 – Oct. 20, 1958

There is no record of T. L. Farrell’s father. His mother was Elizabeth Marshall Farrell; she was born 1804 and died Oct. 30. 1878. She was known as Granny Farrell.
T. L. Farrell’s sisters were Julia Riddle, Rebecca Elizabeth Wilson, Mary (unmarried), and Louisa Edgemon (Aunt Sis).
I recently learned from the 1860 Census that T. L. Farrell was born in North Carolina. His sisters and mother were also born in North Carolina. I don’t know if the father died in North Carolina or after the family moved to Tennessee.
If you are related to the Farrell family in North Carolina or Tennessee please contact me.
I don’t have a lot of information or pictures but will be glad to share what I have.
The picture at the top of the blog is a copy, I don't know who has the original. I believe the boy on the left is my Grandfather, John Ziegler, and the lady next to him is my Great Grandmother. The older lady and man on the right side I believe are Janette and T. L. Farrell. I assume the others are their children but I do not know them.

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Featured Family

Featured Family of the Month has been a fun way of posting information on my families but let's face it I really haven't had a chance to feature one family each month. So far this year there have been two! I'm changing the title to Featured Family.
I should give you an update on the families featured so far. The Edgemon family I have not received any information based on this blog. However, due to my husband's help I have received far more information than I ever thought possible. My husband was working up in McMinn county a few months ago and some of you may recall, from asking a simple question "Does anyone know where the Ziegler mill and house
are?" He found the house and took me up to see it. Well he also asked if anyone knew where the Edgemon Cemetery was and found a man who knew it very well. He was related to the Edgemon's. He had a Book on the Edgemon family and was so kind to let me borrow it. I copied the entire book.

As for the Newby Family which has been my featured family for a Long time, I haven't had anyone contact me on the blog. I did however e-mail a lady I found at Roots Web and she e-mailed me back she was related to John Thurman the husband of Bettie Newby Thurman. I had hoped that some of Bettie's descendants would have the missing pieces. After several e-mails from this lady it appears that the Thurman children lost their mother (Bettie) and father (John) at a young age and therefore knew little about either one of them. She did e-mail me some pictures of the children of Bettie and John Thurman. So the search goes on, maybe on

Anyone out there want to guess the next Featured Family? Here is your chance. Leave a comment and let me know who you think will be the next family.

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JUNE 1,2010 - How can it be June?

Wow! Where has May gone? It has been almost three weeks since I last made a post. Things get busy but I haven't completely forgotten Genealogy. I have been doing some research, at Family Search. com there are so many new things, has had the newspapers Free for the month of May, and World Vital Records had military records free for the month of May. I'm always glad to find information for free!

 I've been thinking for awhile about joining one of the online genealogy sites but was unsure which one. I joined on Saturday. Why Footnote, you may ask?  Because they had a wonderful offer (which I also love) $39.95 or 50% off. The offer was only good until May 31st, I told my husband that this is what he could give me for my birthday, but it would have to be early since the offer ended on the 31st. So much of the weekend was spent searching for never before seen information on our ancestors.I did find several items of interest, some of which I'm not for sure if it is our ancestor or just a person with the same name.

I found one item of interest on K. H. Newby. It is a Confederate States of Americia paper for K. H. Newby to purchase Nitre for the C.S. Nitre and Mining Service, May 1,1863. I know that K. H. Newby was a coal miner so this may very well be my K.H. Newby.

Also found in the Confederate Papers was  a William Brumley, in Chattanooga, Tn. right name and right place but is it the right William Brumley? I found a William Brumley - Rebel Citizen - taken from prison to USA Gen'l Hosp. in Chattanooga,Tn on May 1,1864 and returned to prison on May 2,1864, age 24. This may not be "our" William Brumley because according to the information we have been given, William would have been 35 in 1864. The thing is we are not sure if the information we have is the correct information so more research will need to be done on the Brumley family.

I found my Great Great Grandparents T.L. and Janette Farrell and five of their 14 children along with T.L. Farrell's mother (this would be my Great Great Great Grandmother Farrell) and two of T.L. Farrell's sisters in the 1860 Census.
I hope that I continue to find information on Footnote.

During the month of May I also scanned many photos which my sister-in-law had let us borrow, Brumley,Girton, Kibble families. I've been so excited! Now to discover who all the people are!