Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Views from Lookout Mountain 1980's

The above pictures are from the top of Lookout Mountain over looking Chattanooga. My parents made these pictures in the 1980's. Below are pictures of the Incline and a view from the top of the Incline.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday's Faces from the Past

Lettie and Samuel Wilson

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

1940 Census

I have enjoyed finding my relatives in the 1940 Census. I still have not found my mom's family in the 1930 Census, and thought for sure I would not find them in the 1940 Census until Tennessee had been indexed. I searched anyway, browsing the enumeration districts looking for familiar streets.

Finally I knew streets and my mom's family had to be near.  Silverdale Road, Tyner Road, and Lee Highway. I was so excited when I saw names of people I remembered, people from church, people I remembered from when I was a child.

In my mind I tried to imagine the area in 1940. I'm sure it was a very different place from the place I grew up in the 60's and 70's. Where I knew roads and houses and sub-divisions there would have been farms in 1940.

Then I came across Friarson Road? Could this be Friar Road? Mom had always said it was Friar Rd. then McCutcheon Road. Then I saw people I knew! At the bottom of the page were my grandparents!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Memory Monday

If you follow my photo blog HERE you have already seen these pictures but I wanted to tell a little more about these beautiful pictures. These peony bushes have been in our family nearly 100 years.  Mom is almost 88 and her mother got the flowers from her mother- in - law. My great grandmother, Sallie Ziegler had them at her house/store building in North Chattanooga. My grandmother got some and moved them to their house in Eastdale, then East Brainerd and then the Tyner section of town. This is where I remember them growing up they were in my side yard, they were in this yard for about 50 years.  Always so pretty and smelled so good. My grandmother always wanted to take some to the cemeteries when they bloomed. 
When mom and dad moved in 1989 they moved them and gave my brother and I some. Mine have never done as well as the ones at mom's house. I enjoy them so much and spend time on memory lane while they are blooming.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

1940 Census and So Much More!

It is only Tuesday but this has been a GREAT week for genealogy research. In case you haven't heard the 1940 Census has been released, you can check it out HERE
The records were released on Monday but the web site was VERY SLOW! They said to make it easier look your family up on the 1930 Census and get the enumeration district number, from the Archives.gov site you can put the 1930 numbers in and they will give you possible 1940 numbers. I spent a lot of time getting the 1940 numbers and bookmarking them. Never got any images to appear on Monday.
This morning when I tried things were much faster and in a matter of minutes I found my dad's family!! I also found my great grandparents on mom's side, my husband's great grandparents and a great aunt. Pretty good for one morning! Most of my time was spent on my husband's great grandparents. I had 5 possible ED numbers to check.I started with the one with the fewest pages and worked my way through. Well on page 64 of 64 of the last group there were his great grandparents.

Yesterday, while searching the 1930 Census I realized I never found my mom's family in the 1930 Census. Has all of the 1930 Census been indexed? Mom's family moved several times when she was young but always in Hamilton County, Tn. I've tried searching my mom's name, her brother's names and her parent's names. The last name must have been recorded wrong, Ziegler.

I even tried looking up a family I knew that lived near them, but didn't find my mom's family. Maybe they were moving and got missed during the 1930 Census.
I also spent some time on Family Search and found my husband's grandparent's marriage certificate!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Forgotten Memorial

Recently we have read about the improvements that will be made at Market Square-Patten Parkway since we weren't sure where this was we did a Google search. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in Hamilton County on May 1, 1980. After seeing the images I knew we have driven by many,many times but didn't know anything about the area. I always thought it looked like a quaint small town street in the middle of downtown. I took my camera and stopped in one morning to get a few pictures.
There is a Memorial in the middle of the Parkway for the men who died from Hamilton County during World War II.  When I saw this I remembered my aunt telling me about my uncle's name being on a Memorial in downtown Chattanooga. I don't think she told me where it was. Looking down the names I saw my uncle Eugene D. Kelly
I'm so happy that I now know where the memorial is located and can pass this information on to my children.