Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mantua Maker

Follow this link and go to the bottom of the page to see a dress made by a Mantua maker.

Annabelle Ziegler

While looking at the census records for the Ziegler's I noticed something that I had not noticed before. My Great Great Grandmother, Annabelle was listed as Mantua maker on the 1860 census. What is a Mantua maker, I asked. So I looked it up a Mantua is a loose gown open in the front to reveal an underskirt worn in the 17th and 18th centuries.
Maybe this is where my mom got her love of sewing!

Happy Dance!!

Thanks Becky!! I looked at all of the Census records I have for Jacob and Annabelle there was no road listed. Then I looked for a neighbor on the 1920 Census (after Jacob and Annabelle died) I found a road name! I even remember seeing this road, Tranquility Road. Now I can't wait to go looking for the Ziegler house. Thanks again!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Grave of Jacob and Annabelle Ziegler

I'm not sure if you can read the back at the bottom it says " Amid all the cruel stings of a long life. Their faith never faltered, nor their shoulders refused the burdens of love."

Homes of Our Ancestors

I'm going to try to post some of the pictures I have of the homes my ancestors lived in.

The first is a really neat place. My Great Great Grandparents, Jacob and Annabelle Ziegler lived in the house. I'm not sure if the house is still there or but people were still living in it in the early 1990's. The house is somewhere near Athens, Tn. I went there once in the 1970's. But don't remember how to get there. My mother doesn't remember how to get there either. Jacob and Annabelle died in 1917 and 1918. As far as I know they lived in this house when they died. Jacob had a mill and operated a store and post office.
One story I remember was that my Great Grandparents Will and Sally Ziegler lived in the store building when their daughter Christian was born in 1906. Sometime after that they moved to Chattanooga and Will ran a store in North Chattanooga (Hill City as it was called then).

Jacob was in the Union Army during the Civil War. His father Joram Ziegler was very mad at him when he joined the Union Army. Jacob would not let his first born son be named after Joram. In the 1970's some people who lived in the house discovered letters that Jacob and Annabelle wrote to each other during the Civil War. I plan to write more about these letters in another post.

My husband ran into some men from the area at work last fall. He told them about the Ziegler Mill and they told him how to get there. We went and found where they were talking about but it was not this house. My mother said that Jacob had a brother who also had a mill in the area. I showed her a picture of the house which she remembered going to but it was Jacob's bother's place. He told the men there were two Ziegler Mill's and they gave him directions to another place that might be our Ziegler Mill. We haven't had a chance to go back to look for it.

The mill has been gone for a long time. I would love to find the house again.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Update on William

I have been looking on the Census records for 1860 and 1850 but have been unable to locate William and Lucy Brumley and family. I e-mailed the lady who was so kind to share Brumley pictures with me. I am ashamed to say it has been a couple of years since I last e-mailed her.
I don't like to be a pest to those who have been kind and shared information and pictures. I hope to hear from her, maybe she is looking through her files and boxes of Brumley information!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

More on William Brumley

At Roots Web I found William James Brumley and wife Lucinda Goodson. The only child listed was Lucy. The dates match the dates the relatives in Missouri gave us. As I said before they maybe right, I'm not sure where the information came from.
On the 1870 Census William was 50 and 1880 he was 60. By the Roots Web info in 1870 he would have been 41. Lucy was 40 by Census and by Roots Web would have been 18 in 1870.
By this information Lucy could not have been the mother of Seaborn who was 19 in 1870. Lucy could maybe have been the mother of Rebecca and Lucy but none of the other children. The more I look the more confused I become. I can see 41-50 mistake but 18-40??

When I went back to Marion Co. website to find old questions on Brumley's (which I had a hard time finding) I saw that there were new questions on Brumley's. I'm not sure how or if these people fit into our Brumly family. If I have time later I'll send some e-mails out.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

William Brumley

Since getting the list of Brumley's on the Land Grant list I have been searching for Brumley's on the Marion Co. Tn Census. We have William and Lucy with children Seaborn, Adaline, James, John, Isaac, Martha, Ely, Rebecca and Lucy on the 1870 Census. On the 1880 Census we find William and Sarah and daughter. It would appear that Lucy died and William has married a much younger woman (20) he is 60 at this time. Seaborn has married and his wife died he has two daughters M. L. and Mary J. and sisters Rebecca and Lucy and brother Ely living with him.

Going back to 1860 we should find William and Lucy with children but have not found any record. There is a William and Lucinda 33 and 31. Going by the age on the 1870 and 1880 Census for our William Brumley he would have been 40 in 1860. I think this is where some of the relatives connected the Marion Co. and Wayne Co. Brumley's. They maybe right, I just haven't found what made them sure this was the same William Brumley. There is a female Ede Bromley 55 living with them and a John 21 and Samuel 18. None of the children from the 1870 Census who would have been alive.

How accurate was the Census, is it possible people living in a remote mountain location were missed? Or maybe the mountain people ran the Census taker off without answering their questions?? My father in law always said the Brumley's didn't like to give out information. He gave us the names of his father's brothers and sisters or as he put it the ones that mattered.
There were step and half but they didn't all count, I think he just didn't know the names so they didn't matter.

I thought I had found William in Dade Co. Ga. which is very close. Even today Georgia claims part of Tennessee in this area. This William's wife was Mary and son was John. Not our William!

I don't know where they would be. There was a William Brumley pardoned by William Trousdale in 1849. I have seen questions on the Marion Co. website about a William Brumley who killed his step son. Don't know if this is our William or maybe his father. I asked my mother in law if she ever heard a story about William killing his step son. She said she had never heard that story before.
I'll try e-mailing the people who left questions, but these were old I think one was about 10 years old, so I'm not sure if I will hear from them.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lydia Newby Death Certificate

Yesterday the death certificate for my Great Great Grandmother Newby came. I had hope that this would help in finding her husband K. H. Newby. All I found out was, at the time of her death she was a widow. I am going to see if I can find some cemetery listings for Franklin County, Tennessee since this is the last place we know that he was alive.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Winter Pictures

Ok! I'm sure some of you don't believe the last posting. I remembered that I saw some pictures on the internet of people standing on the Tennessee River so here is the link the year was 1940. These pictures were made north of Chattanooga but the one I posted was made in Chattanooga.

Winter Pictures

When I started this blog I was afraid I wouldn't be able to come up with enough things to write about. Now I find myself having trouble deciding what to write first. Looking around at different blogs I see interesting stories, pictures etc. and I think about pictures I have.

I was reminded of a picture my mother had of her brother (Jake). I'm not sure when it was made late 1930's or early 1940's. Tennessee doesn't get too much really cold weather but sometimes it does come our way. They had a really cold winter and the river froze. The story I always heard was that my uncle drove his car out on to the ice. Then he and his friends walked around and someone took his picture standing on the ice.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Land Grants

Yesterday I got the list of Brumley's from the Land Grants listing. We were looking for Brumley's from Marion County, Tn. I found the following William Brumley's
William Brumby, 1822, 86 acres
William Brumley, 1824,50 acres
William Brumley, 1825, 50 acres
William Brumley, 1826, 13 acres
William Brumley, 1826, 36 acres
William Brumly, 1824, 50 acres
Barshaba Brumley, 1824, 32 acres
We know of a William Brumley in our line but he was born in 1829. We are not sure of William's fathers name. Some of the family have said his name was John Brumley from Green County, Tn
but don't know how they connected William Brumley from Marion Co., Tn to John Brumley in Green Co. Maybe our William's father was the William Brumley with all the Land Grants which would make more sense because the family legend is that the Brumley's owned land from the Tennessee River and across Aetna Mountain in Marion County. My husband's grandfather George Paul Brumley and his brothers were born on Aetna Mountain and lived there til grown but never inherited any of the land so it would seem by the time that Seaborn (George Paul's father) died in the 1940's that most of the land had been sold? We know none of this for fact, just possible.
Now I need to look into who William's father was.
I have to say we got our information from the State pretty fast since we mailed it last week. It only cost $5.00 which isn't bad. We could not drive to Nashville, Tn and do the research ourselves for $5.00.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Long Family

In June 2007 my Aunt Betty gave me a picture of a Moses Long and wife. It is really a strip of three pictures about 1X3, a man, a woman and the same woman in a hat. My Great Great grandfather was named Moses Long. I do not know what he or his wife looked like. My aunt told me that the picture had belonged to my grandmother. Moses Long would have been her grandfather. He died in 1919 and his wife died in 1915. They did not have a son named Moses but he did have a nephew named Moses who lived in the same area.

The pictures look like some kind of photo booth picture the way they are made together in a strip. I am wondering if this could be Moses Long who died in 1919 in this type of picture? I would like to find out more about this picture. My aunt has since died and I have not gotten to see any more of the wonderful pictures she had. There may be more pictures of Moses Long to compare to this one.


I really am not crazy, it just seems that way sometimes. After I signed out I looked at my blog and saw that the manage blogs shows up only when I am signed in. Like I said I am new to blogging.

New to Blog

I have my first follower Terry from Desktop Genealogist Unplugged, how exciting. I'm still learning how everything works here on Blogger. I added Desktop Genealogist Unplugged to my reading list from the dashboard, I wanted to add My Blog List to my blog so I clicked on Manage? Now it says 1 Follower Manage?? Is this OK? I have since found where to add My Blog List and have added Desktop Genealogist Unplugged and Grace and Glory. There are several blogs that I enjoy reading and I have been following by saving to my favorites but I've got so many now that I thought I would start following from my blog since you can see when it was last updated.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Records ONLINE!

You never know where you will find new places to help with your genealogy research. Yesterday while checking the news online on at local station I found an article about Marriage Records online for Hamilton County. At this link you can sign in and check the records by groom or bride. If you don't have a really common surname check by just last name and check out all the names that come up. You may spot some relatives.

They have the records for 1856 - 1919 and 1985 - 2008 online now. When the project is finished they will have 1920 - 1984. The records for 1819 - 1856 were destroyed when the Courthouse burned in 1910. If you think some of your ancestors married in Hamilton County, Tennessee check this out.

There is more information on the newer records than the older ones. The older records just have names and date of marriage, but if you don't have this information then this is a GREAT find.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Records Ordered from state of Tennessee

I ordered the death record from the state for my great, great grandmother Newby (Lydia Newby). I hope that on the record there maybe some information, was she married, widow, or divorced. This would help to find her husband King H Newby who seems to have disappeared after the 1880 Census.
I also ordered the Land Grant records for Brumley. The family has long believed that William
Brumley owned land in Marion Co. Tennessee through a Land Grant, but don't know this for a fact. Thought this would help to know if this land was fact or wishful thinking.
Hope to soon have this information from the state. I'll update later.

Snowflake background

I hope that we have some snow this winter so I'm changing to the snowflake background. Looks like all we are going to be getting is rain, rain and more rain.