Monday, November 3, 2014

Blogging a Thing of the Past?

I started this blog on November 4, 2008. (Not sure how or why my blogoversary got changed but I was unable to correct it so I deleted it.) I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do or how to do it. In just a short time I found some wonderful Genealogy blogs and people who were helpful with genealogy information and blogging information.
Over the last few years I haven't had the time to blog much. My children finished school and you would think that would mean more time for blogging but I had less time. My mother required more and more of my time. Last December she was in the hospital for 7 days. She required round the clock care and so I stayed with her pretty much 24/7. My bother gave me a break some days. Mom's just want and need their daughters when they are sick.
Since she died in May my time has been busy with clearing her house. I'm still working on it!!!
I've looked at my blog trying to decide if I should delete everything, resume blogging, or just leave it and stop. I never had many followers so not many people read my post, I have gotten more spam comments since I haven't been posting than I did while I was posting.
I have even noticed that blogs I read don't post as often so my question is blogging a thing of the past? Really hate the thought of giving up on blogging.


Betsy Adams said...

Well I am one who loved your blog ---since I also have such a great interest in Genealogy... True though that I am one who doesn't blog as much as I used to. There are two reasons: 1. my love and interest in FB; and 2. the fact that blogging has changed with the interest in memes (which I hate) and very short blogs saying NOTHING....

I don't know what to tell you, Harriet. I still love my blog and do it as my journal --talking about our lives/travels/etc... But --I really enjoy Facebook since it's easy and lots of fun....

Good Luck with your decision.

Greta Koehl said...

I am another big fan of your blog - please leave it up and post when you feel like it. I have had some of the same problems - very little time or energy to post these days, but I still like to put up something every once in a while. I also still get people contacting me because of the blog, and I consider that to be its main function.

Harriet said...

Thanks Betsy and Greta for your kind words. Since reading your comments I think I will leave the blog and just try to post when I get a chance. Hope to post more soon.