Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March In Like a Lion!!

I surely hope that a Feb. 28 storm counts as March coming in like a lion!  I would hate to think we have to get another bad storm. We didn't have the damage that many people in our area had but this is a picture of our driveway which looked like a river. Thanks to my husband and son's hard work last spring we didn't get any water in the house. In the past we would have gotten water in the house with a rain like yesterday.

The Electric Power Board said there were 37,000  people without power after the storm. Many trees were down on power lines and houses. Our power never went out but Mom's was off for 19 hours! If you want to read more about the storm go HERE

Even our cat Starsky (6years old) knew what to do during a storm, when it was over I found him coming out of the closet. Bentley who is just one slept peacefully through the whole thing on our bed. I guess he hasn't lived through enough storms to know he should go hide! You may be asking how does Starsky get in the closet? If the door isn't open he will work until he can slide the door open just enough to get in.

I'm happy that today is a BEAUTIFUL SPRING DAY!!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Well --it looks like you and I got lucky. My blog today shows alot of flooding near us --but our home is fine and I didn't hear of any other damage up here. We actually didn't have any heavy winds much.. SO---I guess we got lucky.. Knoxville also had alot of damage... Crazy storm!!!!!


Mary said...

Although we had a ton of rain and cold weather (for us) over the weekend...March 1 came in like a lamb here in Phoenix. It's about 75F today.

Harriet said...

Mary,today March 1st has been a beautiful day but I hope we don't have more bad weather. Betsy, I agree looks like we got lucky, it was a crazy storm!