Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Polar Bear Frozen Custard Shop

Some pictures just deserve another look! I posted this Interesting Photo and Thomas left some information then after he did some research (Thanks so much) came back with a couple of links for me to check out. There was a Polar Bear Frozen Custard shop in Washington D.C. which it is possible this is where the picture was taken since my Grandmother had a brother who lived in D.C.

I did a little research and found to my surprise that there was a Polar Bear Frozen Custard Shop in Nashville, Tn which closed in the early 1940's. This site will give you some history of the Polar Bear Frozen Custard Shop in Nashville, Tn.

I found several pictures of the Polar Bears now at this next site.

I haven't found any pictures of the Polar Bear Frozen Custard shop in Nashville but one of the links Thomas left was a picture of the shop in Wichita,Kansas. This shop was a little different than the picture I have.

I don't know any of the men in the picture. I think it is fun to research these old pictures it gives you a glimpse into what the world was like when our parents and grandparents were young.


lindalee said...

That is very cool (no pun intended)...lol I enjoy finding those buildings that look like what they are selling. I have a custard stand that is shaped like an ice cream cone that I have been meaning to post. Nice follow up research, too.

Harriet said...

Thanks for stopping by. I'll be looking for the ice cream cone shaped custard stand, sounds neat!