Saturday, May 8, 2010

First Car!

I was recently looking through a photo album from the late 1970's and found this picture, me with my first car!  It wasn't new, a 1968 Impala, but it was special. This car was given to me by my Uncle in California.
He drove the car from California to Tennessee and gave it to me. My Aunt had died and he had a truck and didn't need the car. He said that he wanted me to have it because I had done so much to help my Mom take care of my Grandparents.My Uncle always felt bad that he was so far away and couldn't help. It was a total surprise and totally not necessary. I LOVED my Grandparents and didn't feel I was doing anything special. I didn't even have my driver's license when he gave it to me. He called several times in the spring and each time he would ask if I had my license. I got busy and went to get my license shortly after getting the car.


Dorene from Ohio said...

What a great photo! My husband's family had 1968 Impala, and they
really enjoyed it.

Harriet said...

I have often wondered if anyone has the 68 Impala that I owned. Has it been fixed up? When I traded it on a new car the dealer said he was going to keep it.