Thursday, May 6, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - Memories of My Grandparents!

Grannie and PaPa holding apples which my Mom, Dad and I brought back with us from California in August 1979. These apples were grown by my Uncle in his back yard. As I remember they were delicious. PaPa is also wearing a LA Dodgers hat which we got him. We didn't go to a game but I guess you can't go to LA and not buy a hat for a baseball fan. We didn't have cable back in 1979 but PaPa watched all the games that were on TV.


Nora said...

beautiful.... your Grandparents look lovely !!

Harriet said...

Thanks for stopping by Nora! My Grandparents were wonderful and looking at these pictures reminded me of just how much I still miss them. They both died in 1981.