Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sallie Rebecca Farrell Ziegler

This may very well be the last picture taken of my Great Grandmother. She was 98 year old Nov. 30,1971 and died on March 2,1972.


Mary said...

How blessed you are to have known your great-grandmother! I barely knew my died when I was 2 and the other when I was 9, I do not remember either.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Harriet, My father-in-law is almost 98 (will be 98 in August)... He seems more healthy right now than Mom Adams --who is ONLY 90... ha

Your great grandmother looked like a nice little lady... She was tiny, wasn't she???? She looks a little like one of my Great Aunts --who lived to be in her 90's.


Harriet said...

Thanks Mary and Betsy for stopping by. I do feel blessed to have known my great grandmother, I was 12 when she died. It is great that your father-in-law is doing so well at 98.

Nancy said...

Did you live close to your ggrandmother when you were young? Do you remember interactions with her. How wonderful that she was still getting out and about at her age. Great photo.