Thursday, July 1, 2010

Changes to Genealogy Fun

The past few days have beem busy, I joined Facebook! My next step has been to try to link Facebook to Genealogy Fun. Thanks to Becky Jamison for help and advise.
I made several changes to the blog some on purpose and some I'm not sure how it happened. Since I recently joined Footnote I added a badge. That was easy so I added a Facebook badge, then I noticed that my comments on the blog were gone. I thought it might be a problem with Blogger but then they didn't come back. I removed the Facebook badge still no comments, then put the badge back. I really hope I'll be able to get the comments back but it isn't looking good. I hate that I've lost all comments.
Becky suggested I link to Networked Blogs so I did this.  My hope is that I'll find someone researching the same families.
Hope to have somemore genealogy post soon.


Jo said...

Sorry to hear about your blog troubles, so here's a comment to encourage you :-) I changed my theme and lost my comments (found again!) but my Google Friend Connect box has disappeared. I can't advise you as I'm using Wordpress, and fairly new to blogging, but we'll both get the blogs fixed! Jo

Harriet said...

Thanks for your comment, at least I know new comments came be left.