Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday - Forest Hills Cemetery part 2

John Lee Girton is buried at the Forest Hills Cemetery in Chattanooga,Tn

John Lee Girton was born in North Freedom, Wisconsin. Joseph Girton and Mary Powell Girton were his parents. John L. Girton was married to Mabel Cooke Girton. John and Mabel had four daughters, Mary Elizabeth, Louise, and twins Hazel and Helen. He worked for the railroad as baggage master and died en route to Chattanooga.

John L. Girton was my husband's great grandfather.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

John Girton died on the job, huh???? I was amused when I read that he died of acute indigestion... Don't think that would kill a person these days. Back then, nobody ever really knew what killed a person.

Sounds like he had a great job... My Dad worked for the railroad --and we took many trips on trains when I was growing up. I wish we still had 'good' trains around for transportation.

Interesting post, Harriet.

Harriet said...

I agree acute indigestion is different I wondered if he had a heart attack.