Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday - Forest Hills Cemetery part 3

Every cemetery it seems has a section where babies and small children are buried and Forest Hills Cemetery is no exception. It's always sad to see so many children and babies who have died but it seems we are drawn to the section and we read the names and wonder the story of each child.

The marker has Brumbley, however, the Forest Hills Cemetery website has him listed as Ernest Brumley.

This marker for Cordelia Reed was just in front of the one for Ernest Brumbley, so it looks like he may have been at the Vine Street Orphans' Home.  It is possible that the name on the marker was misspelled and since he was an orphan no one had it corrected.
We have no record of a Ernest Brumley in my husband's family. Maybe no one knew about him, maybe his parents also died. Based on when my husband's grandmother had her children, daughter April 1925 and son June 1926, this one could not have been her child.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Harriet, I notice also in my family that so many babies died very very young. Maybe that is one reason they all had so many children back then (besides no birth control).. Several of them died young... Kinda sad!

It's also sad about the little Brumbley baby.. No info,huh??? Nobody will ever know I guess.