Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Face of Genealogy

There are many faces which come to mind when I think of the Face of Genealogy. In fact I had another photo here and changed my mind. This photo was in a group of photos from my Aunt. They had been my grandmother's photos. The back of the photo says Mr.and Mrs. Davis and family and is addressed to L. A. Newby. My Great Great Grandmother was Lydia Newby but when I first saw the photo I didn't know who the Davis family was. After doing some research I found that Mrs. Davis in the photo was the grandaughter of Lydia.Her name was Ida Thurman Davis. Ida's mother was Bettie Newby Thurman the daughter of Lydia and King Newby.
To me This is the True Face of Genealogy, being able to take an old photo and learn who they were, how they were related and a little about them.

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