Monday, June 13, 2011

Memory Monday!

I guess the reality that my children are grown is hitting me! My daughter is 20 and just completed her second year of college. She is taking a summer class and has been busy doing homework since the class meets 5 days a week and a lab 2 days a week. My son,almost 18, just graduated from high school and will start college in August. He just started working at Papa John's Pizza, which we love. I just have to say he smells so good after he has been making pizza.  Even though they are still living at home I know they are no longer children but young adults. It seems strange at times. There are so many memories of their childhood all around, as we are all pack rats and save almost everything.

Over the weekend my husband, daughter and I went out to eat. After we ate we went to Books-a Million to look around. Well just inside the door was the summer reading display.Wow! This is the first year that we haven't had to go out and buy books for the summer reading. I wish I could say that my kids love to read but I can't. Hopefully they will enjoy reading when they can pick the book and read at their own pace. After all the books and work they did in high school it may be awhile. It was for me and my husband.

There were also the craft kits! This brought back so many memories of making things with my kids. It was always so much fun. The crafts didn't always turn out perfect but we had fun.

My husband's niece posted pictures on Facebook of her boys playing this summer. More Memories!
They grow up so fast. Where have the years gone? Not that long ago my kids were playing on the water slide in the front yard and going to the park to play.

I keep reminding myself there are new things to enjoy with my young adults! Watching them get through college and have successful jobs. I guess this is the start of the empty nest!  They are still here, just missing the fun times. I'm glad I don't have to live through some of the things that have come our way so I would not like to go back. I'll just enjoy the memories!


Mary said...

Harriet...cherish the moments you have right now...soon they will totally fly the coop...then they will all be in their 40's (like mine) and have lives of their own. Ah the memories of the years gone by, but we can still make memories. Just different ones

Dorene from Ohio said...

What wonderful memories!

Harriet said...

Mary and Dorene, I cherish the wonderful memories of my children growing up. I look forward to the memories yet to be made.