Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Maggie's Last Letter

To my surprise while looking through my Ziegler letters I found an envelope that said "My last letter from Maggie". The letter is dated 3-17-46 and Maggie died 5-4-46. The letter is addressed to My dear Sallie (my great grandmother), Sallie and Maggie were sisters-in-law.They apparently were close, since Maggie addressed the letter My dear Sallie and the fact that Sallie made note that it was the last letter from Maggie and saved it. Her daughter then saved it until 1995 and I am proud to now be saving a part of the Ziegler family history.

It appears that Maggie was sick at this time as she talks about how she couldn't help them if she were there. She mentioned still drinking wintergreen and sassafras tea and how she didn't feel like going to town.

Most of the letter is a "gossip" between friends. She talks about Bennet Hutsell, Clydie's oldest son being home from overseas. Don't know who Bennet Hutsell is, she does give some history on him. He learned fast in school and got a good job in the Athens Post Office, saved his money and bought his grandfather's farm the old Stanard??? place. His mother died when he was 3.She told about seeing him before he went and how he didn't want to go and kill and be killed.She was proud to see him home safe and sound. Maggie mentions that Chester saw Bennet first so this tells me that Chester was still with Maggie.What my Mom remembers is probably correct, Chester had to leave after Maggie died. Maggie kissed Bennet's cheek and she said "thanked God in my heart for the honor. Oh! these precious boys."

She goes on to tell about others Earnest Shults drowning, Jacob Moore (I think this was a nephew) his wife sued him for $50,000 but didn't get a cent. And others I'm not sure any were related except the Moore just people they both knew.

Maggie had 47 dozen eggs. I would think that would be a huge job to take care of all those hens. I think this is the last letter I have from Maggie or about her Estate. I'll keep checking on the mystery lady, Rula Onks and checking with family to see if there is a picture of Maggie.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

How neat Harriet to get this letter. I love reading old letters. There was as much gossip back then as there is now. BUT--they didn't have the internet, emails, cellphones, texting, etc. to pass the news on --like we do today!!!

Wonder what of ours will be saved for the next generation??? I make copies of my blog (which is my journal now) ---and I have alot of hand-written journals. Wonder if anyone years from now will read them?????


Dorene from Ohio said...

How wonderful to have such a gem of a letter!

S said...

Jacob Moore was my great great grandfather. (Horace Jacob, his father was Horace Patton). I wonder why his wife sued him for so much money?