Friday, September 25, 2009


Last time there was the question did Tom Newby have a wife and children. I'm not sure. This does look like the same man in fact I believe it to be. If you zoom in on both pictures you will see that the man in both pictures is missing the first joint on his middle finger on the left hand. There are no names on the back. I have found no record of him having a wife and children only this picture.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hmmmm.. Interesting, Harriet. I hope you finally find out some of this. Have you looked at census records. I just found out through the 1860 census that my great grandfather on my mother's side had several brothers and sisters --which I didn't know about until now.


Harriet said...

Yes, Betsy I've looked in Census records.I found some new names to check and made some GREAT discoveries yesterday!! I hope to get a chance to post about my new discoveries today! Check back. Sometimes the Census can really help. I have run into times where I couldn't find anything because I had no way of knowing where they lived or a first name.