Sunday, June 27, 2010

Grandma's Diary part 5

Grandma wrote of her brother Marshall McKeldin Farrell,"Mack". Uncle Mack went to work for the New York Racket Store when he first came to Chattanooga. It was then located where Fountain Square is now. The store caught fire and in the disaster a fireman lost his life. The statue of a fireman was erected on the site to commemorate his devotion to duty. The store was rebuilt on Market St. under the name of Miller Brothers, and still operates under that name. (note - there is no longer a Miller Brothers store but the statue of the fireman still stands in Fountain Square.)

With the exception of a few interludes when he went into business for himself, Uncle Mack worked for Miller Brothers his entire adult life. He was certainly loyal to the company and was known as an outstanding salesman.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Amazing how people were loyal to their businesses and the businesses were loyal to them---back then... It's not that way now... I hate reading about people in their 50's getting laid off --after spending their lives in a specific business... Sad!!!

My Dad worked for the same company almost his entire life.