Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Look!

Since I was unable to get a new background to work from the Cutest Blog on the Block. I decided to remove all features from them and see if the Photo Bucket comment would disappear, it did!! I just used the new background feature that Blogger has and so far things are working! Has anyone else had trouble with the Cutest Blog background?


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Very nice, Harriet.... I have been using Blogger's new template design --and have had no trouble. Yours looks great though....

I am posting a Genealogy post tomorrow... Have been working on my Ballard family most of the weekend. SO much fun.

Mary said...

I used Cutest Blog templates for awhile, until blogger came out with the newer templates...I never had trouble with either template. What I do have trouble with is LOSING ALL my pictures I's happened 2x before and today it happened AGAIN. I have to go in and put all pics back in on 99% of my posts I've done since Jan 1, 2010 (I'm not bothering with ones before that)

Harriet said...

I'm looking forward to reading your post. It is so much fun doing Genealogy research. I hope to do more soon. I've had several problems with the blog and trying to get started on Facebook I haven't had the time to do any Genealogy.
Wow!Mary I hope I don't lose my pictures.