Tuesday, April 3, 2012

1940 Census and So Much More!

It is only Tuesday but this has been a GREAT week for genealogy research. In case you haven't heard the 1940 Census has been released, you can check it out HERE
The records were released on Monday but the web site was VERY SLOW! They said to make it easier look your family up on the 1930 Census and get the enumeration district number, from the Archives.gov site you can put the 1930 numbers in and they will give you possible 1940 numbers. I spent a lot of time getting the 1940 numbers and bookmarking them. Never got any images to appear on Monday.
This morning when I tried things were much faster and in a matter of minutes I found my dad's family!! I also found my great grandparents on mom's side, my husband's great grandparents and a great aunt. Pretty good for one morning! Most of my time was spent on my husband's great grandparents. I had 5 possible ED numbers to check.I started with the one with the fewest pages and worked my way through. Well on page 64 of 64 of the last group there were his great grandparents.

Yesterday, while searching the 1930 Census I realized I never found my mom's family in the 1930 Census. Has all of the 1930 Census been indexed? Mom's family moved several times when she was young but always in Hamilton County, Tn. I've tried searching my mom's name, her brother's names and her parent's names. The last name must have been recorded wrong, Ziegler.

I even tried looking up a family I knew that lived near them, but didn't find my mom's family. Maybe they were moving and got missed during the 1930 Census.
I also spent some time on Family Search and found my husband's grandparent's marriage certificate!!

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