Monday, April 9, 2012

Memory Monday

If you follow my photo blog HERE you have already seen these pictures but I wanted to tell a little more about these beautiful pictures. These peony bushes have been in our family nearly 100 years.  Mom is almost 88 and her mother got the flowers from her mother- in - law. My great grandmother, Sallie Ziegler had them at her house/store building in North Chattanooga. My grandmother got some and moved them to their house in Eastdale, then East Brainerd and then the Tyner section of town. This is where I remember them growing up they were in my side yard, they were in this yard for about 50 years.  Always so pretty and smelled so good. My grandmother always wanted to take some to the cemeteries when they bloomed. 
When mom and dad moved in 1989 they moved them and gave my brother and I some. Mine have never done as well as the ones at mom's house. I enjoy them so much and spend time on memory lane while they are blooming.


Dorene from Ohio said...

Just gorgeous!!

Harriet said...

I guess you can tell I love these flowers.