Tuesday, April 10, 2012

1940 Census

I have enjoyed finding my relatives in the 1940 Census. I still have not found my mom's family in the 1930 Census, and thought for sure I would not find them in the 1940 Census until Tennessee had been indexed. I searched anyway, browsing the enumeration districts looking for familiar streets.

Finally I knew streets and my mom's family had to be near.  Silverdale Road, Tyner Road, and Lee Highway. I was so excited when I saw names of people I remembered, people from church, people I remembered from when I was a child.

In my mind I tried to imagine the area in 1940. I'm sure it was a very different place from the place I grew up in the 60's and 70's. Where I knew roads and houses and sub-divisions there would have been farms in 1940.

Then I came across Friarson Road? Could this be Friar Road? Mom had always said it was Friar Rd. then McCutcheon Road. Then I saw people I knew! At the bottom of the page were my grandparents!!


PalmsRV said...

Near the Silverdale Confederate Cemetery and McKay's Used Books, one of our favorite stops in our travels between Michigan and Florida?

Harriet said...

This is terrible I've lived near the Silverdale Confederate Cemetery most of my life but have never been! We love McKay's too!