Friday, November 14, 2008

Brumley pictures

Another favorite genealogy story was finding pictures of my husband's family. One day I was searching around for more information on the Brumley family. To my surprise I found a lady who said she had pictures that had belonged to Geraldine Brumley (my husband's grandfather Brumley had a half sister named Geraldine. I couldn't believe my eyes. I sent an e-mail to her and waited for a reply, her posting had been from a couple of years before. She e-mailed me and sent pictures of the family which we didn't have. One was of Rebecca Brumley another half sister to George Paul Brumley.The group of people in front of the house is only labeled Brumley home Marion Co. Tennessee. The large group of people says front row Geraldine, Harry, Mabel and Allen, don't know the back row.
The other group is Harry, Dew, Paul, John and Becky. We were sure this was the right family because we had seen pictures of George Paul Brumley. Even if the posting you find is an old one always try to contact the person, you may be VERY HAPPY you did.

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