Monday, November 17, 2008

Newby Family

At this point I guess I should say a little about the Newby family. My grandmother (Mama Kelley) was a Newby, Fay I. Newby. Her mother and father Olivia Jane (Jennie ) and David H. Newby are buried at the Chattanooga Valley Cemetery. Also buried there is Lydia Newby mother of David H. Newby.

My Aunt Betty told me a very interesting story about Lydia Newby's gravestone. It has her name and two other names Martha Burdick and Tom Newby. Aunt Betty said they were Lydia's daughter and son. They lived out west. Martha in Denver and Tom in Montana. When they died they were cremated. They died in the the 30's and their mother died in 1924. I'm not sure who had the ashes but Aunt Betty said she and Lydia (not sure if she meant her sister Lydia or her Aunt Lydia) had the ashes buried there and had a marker put down with all three names.

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