Tuesday, November 18, 2008


A wonderful site I recently found is findagrave.com You can search by name or by cemetery. You may be surprised as I was that some of your family is already on the site. You can add your family members information, photo of their grave or their photo. I have added pictures for some that were already on the site and added memorials for others.The only bad thing is that I usually end up resizing the pictures before I can add them.
I found my uncle Eugene D. Kelly already on the site. He was killed during WWII and is buried in Luxembourg American Cemetery. I added a picture of the family the last time they were all together. An interesting thing about Eugene is that his name on many records is Kelly. The rest of the family spelled it Kelley, in fact got upset when it was not spelled right. Maybe Eugene just gave up getting people to spell it correctly.
I e-mailed a lady who had added a memorial for one of my ancestors. She was a distant cousin in the Long family (which I knew almost nothing about). She shared pictures and information on the Long family. It is always great to find new information on your ancestors.
My hope in adding information on this site is that someone in the future will be searching for information on these people and find this site. I know that my great aunt's grandchildren live in Arizonia they or their children my not know where their grandparents -great grandparents are buried. Maybe some day they will find this and be glad to find a picture of their grave.

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