Wednesday, January 21, 2009

William Brumley

Since getting the list of Brumley's on the Land Grant list I have been searching for Brumley's on the Marion Co. Tn Census. We have William and Lucy with children Seaborn, Adaline, James, John, Isaac, Martha, Ely, Rebecca and Lucy on the 1870 Census. On the 1880 Census we find William and Sarah and daughter. It would appear that Lucy died and William has married a much younger woman (20) he is 60 at this time. Seaborn has married and his wife died he has two daughters M. L. and Mary J. and sisters Rebecca and Lucy and brother Ely living with him.

Going back to 1860 we should find William and Lucy with children but have not found any record. There is a William and Lucinda 33 and 31. Going by the age on the 1870 and 1880 Census for our William Brumley he would have been 40 in 1860. I think this is where some of the relatives connected the Marion Co. and Wayne Co. Brumley's. They maybe right, I just haven't found what made them sure this was the same William Brumley. There is a female Ede Bromley 55 living with them and a John 21 and Samuel 18. None of the children from the 1870 Census who would have been alive.

How accurate was the Census, is it possible people living in a remote mountain location were missed? Or maybe the mountain people ran the Census taker off without answering their questions?? My father in law always said the Brumley's didn't like to give out information. He gave us the names of his father's brothers and sisters or as he put it the ones that mattered.
There were step and half but they didn't all count, I think he just didn't know the names so they didn't matter.

I thought I had found William in Dade Co. Ga. which is very close. Even today Georgia claims part of Tennessee in this area. This William's wife was Mary and son was John. Not our William!

I don't know where they would be. There was a William Brumley pardoned by William Trousdale in 1849. I have seen questions on the Marion Co. website about a William Brumley who killed his step son. Don't know if this is our William or maybe his father. I asked my mother in law if she ever heard a story about William killing his step son. She said she had never heard that story before.
I'll try e-mailing the people who left questions, but these were old I think one was about 10 years old, so I'm not sure if I will hear from them.

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