Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Land Grants

Yesterday I got the list of Brumley's from the Land Grants listing. We were looking for Brumley's from Marion County, Tn. I found the following William Brumley's
William Brumby, 1822, 86 acres
William Brumley, 1824,50 acres
William Brumley, 1825, 50 acres
William Brumley, 1826, 13 acres
William Brumley, 1826, 36 acres
William Brumly, 1824, 50 acres
Barshaba Brumley, 1824, 32 acres
We know of a William Brumley in our line but he was born in 1829. We are not sure of William's fathers name. Some of the family have said his name was John Brumley from Green County, Tn
but don't know how they connected William Brumley from Marion Co., Tn to John Brumley in Green Co. Maybe our William's father was the William Brumley with all the Land Grants which would make more sense because the family legend is that the Brumley's owned land from the Tennessee River and across Aetna Mountain in Marion County. My husband's grandfather George Paul Brumley and his brothers were born on Aetna Mountain and lived there til grown but never inherited any of the land so it would seem by the time that Seaborn (George Paul's father) died in the 1940's that most of the land had been sold? We know none of this for fact, just possible.
Now I need to look into who William's father was.
I have to say we got our information from the State pretty fast since we mailed it last week. It only cost $5.00 which isn't bad. We could not drive to Nashville, Tn and do the research ourselves for $5.00.

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Anonymous said...

If you have anymore info please let me know,...my gg grandmother was a lucy adaline brumley (father William) that married a W. Helton? and had a daughter named Annie (1872-1955) she married a Powers and then a Highfield....any info on her family would help....thanks...linda highfield 770-229-4297