Thursday, January 22, 2009

More on William Brumley

At Roots Web I found William James Brumley and wife Lucinda Goodson. The only child listed was Lucy. The dates match the dates the relatives in Missouri gave us. As I said before they maybe right, I'm not sure where the information came from.
On the 1870 Census William was 50 and 1880 he was 60. By the Roots Web info in 1870 he would have been 41. Lucy was 40 by Census and by Roots Web would have been 18 in 1870.
By this information Lucy could not have been the mother of Seaborn who was 19 in 1870. Lucy could maybe have been the mother of Rebecca and Lucy but none of the other children. The more I look the more confused I become. I can see 41-50 mistake but 18-40??

When I went back to Marion Co. website to find old questions on Brumley's (which I had a hard time finding) I saw that there were new questions on Brumley's. I'm not sure how or if these people fit into our Brumly family. If I have time later I'll send some e-mails out.

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