Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Records ONLINE!

You never know where you will find new places to help with your genealogy research. Yesterday while checking the news online on at local station I found an article about Marriage Records online for Hamilton County. http://countyclerkanytime.com/onlinesvcs.htm At this link you can sign in and check the records by groom or bride. If you don't have a really common surname check by just last name and check out all the names that come up. You may spot some relatives.

They have the records for 1856 - 1919 and 1985 - 2008 online now. When the project is finished they will have 1920 - 1984. The records for 1819 - 1856 were destroyed when the Courthouse burned in 1910. If you think some of your ancestors married in Hamilton County, Tennessee check this out.

There is more information on the newer records than the older ones. The older records just have names and date of marriage, but if you don't have this information then this is a GREAT find.

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