Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Homes of Our Ancestors

I'll do more on the letters from Jacob and Annabelle another day. I hope to make this a regular on the blog, at least as long as I have pictures of homes. Today's picture is still with the Ziegler family. My Great Grandparents Will and Sallie Ziegler moved to Chattanooga from Athens, Tn.

Will ran a store in North Chattanooga (Hill City). Hill City was a fitting name there are very few level yards in North Chattanooga.

The store building is still standing and has been made into apartments. These pictures were made in Oct. 2007. I remember seeing a picture of my Great Grandma in front of the store but have been unable to find it in my mom's pictures. As you can tell the building is very large. The store was in one part and they lived in the other. My mom said she remembered them living in the store building. I don't remember ever going inside the building even though it stayed in the family until the early 1990's.

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