Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Homes of Our Ancestors

This is the house that my grandparents, John and Hattie Ziegler lived in at the time of their death.

Granny died March 18,1981 and PaPa died Nov. 14, 1981. They were married April 2, 1916 and would have had their 65 anniversary a couple of weeks after Granny died. We were planning to have a little get together for them. My cousin and I had planned to do some painting in the house for her, instead we were at her funeral. It was a very sad time. Granny was the BEST grandmother EVER! I grew up just across the driveway and was attached to her. She was like a best friend.

They lived several places in their almost 65 years together. I couldn't find an early picture of this house. They moved to this property sometime in the 1930's. There were two houses on the property and they lived in one and rented the other out. From the stories I've heard they lived in one then moved to the other because they could get more rent for the other house since it was larger. They moved from house to house several times. The yellow house is the house I grew up in. My grandparents moved into the green house when my mom and dad married and moved into the other house.
These pictures were made in Oct. 1989 just a few days before they were torn down. Now this area is hotels, restaurants and parking lots. All of the houses on my old street are gone. It was sad to see them torn down but I was happy to see my parents move into a newer house. Plus they moved closer to my brother and me. Progress is difficult when it touches your family.

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