Thursday, February 12, 2009

Large Families

Recently the news has covered the California mom of OCTUPLETS! and a total of 14 children. I don't even want to talk about all the issues involved with this case. The thought of that many kids brings to mind the large families our ancestors had. If you've done much genealogy research you have found one or two of these families in your own family tree.

I've been blessed that a wonderful lady and her husband traveled gathering information and published a book in 1984 on the Joel Kelley family. Dad bought one and then bought one for me because of my interest in the family. This book makes it easy to give you the following information.
My great grandparents Hiram and Nancy Kelley had 10 children. Three children died as small children.

Minnie 9

Carrie 5

Lou 11

Edgar 6

William 0

Jesse 6

Ora 6

Esca 3

Nancy 0

Arch 0

Total 46 grandchildren

Six of these died as small children. Can you imagine that many children and that many grand children!

Dad was always introducing us to cousins. It always seemed unreal that he could have that many cousins. I love to read about people in the book and remember him talking about his cousins. I have a total of 9 cousins on both sides of my family.

My grandmother raised 6 kids during the depression by herself. Her husband died and she had 6 children age 13 to 2 months. I don't know how she did it! I admire her. She loved her children and they all loved her.

None of this is to say I approve or disapprove of the woman in California it just made me think of the large families and how they managed.

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