Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Carrie Stammer

I don't know the lady in this picture. This is a postcard type picture and on back it has the date 2/11/13 and Carrie Stammer.
Then addressed to Miss Margaret Ziegler
Athens, Tenn.
In looking at the Ziegler Family History which I received from a cousin I found a Caroline Stammer. This could be the lady in the picture. Caroline Stammer is the daughter of Rebecca Jane Ziegler who was married to John Stammer. Rebecca Ziegler Stammer was sister of Jacob Ziegler (my Great Great Grandfather).
Jacob also had a sister Margaret Ziegler born 1847 and married 1874 to John Blakemore so I don't believe this was addressed to her.
Jacob had a daughter named Margaret born in 1878 she married in 1918 to Chester Edgemon and had no children. Since this Margaret would have been Miss Margaret Ziegler in 1913 I believe this could be the Margaret. Carrie and Margaret would have been cousins. Margaret would have been the sister of Will Ziegler (my Great Grandfather). Since Margaret had no children when she died her things may have gone to her brothers and sisters. This would explain how my Great Aunt Christian came to have the picture.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Isn't it interesting, Harriet, finding info on others??? I get so excited when I get some info on my family... It's amazing how many people have contacted me --when I blog about one of my relatives--and someone else is looking for the same info, and reads my blog. I've found a couple of cousins from my blogging... LOVE IT!!!