Friday, April 24, 2009

Maggie Ziegler Edgemon's Heirs!?

The second letter is mostly written to explain the options regarding the timber and property which Maggie Ziegler Edgemon owned at the time of her death.

I was fascinated by the list of names which Richard Tuell wrote to, the heirs of Maggie Ziegler Edgemon’s estate.
1. Mrs. H.P. Moore this is Mary Annabelle Ziegler Moore sister of Maggie.
Anna Moore died June 27,1947 .
2. W. G. Ziegler this is the brother of Maggie. This is my Great Grandfather, he died Jan. 7, 1949.
3. Mrs. Rule Onks I am researching this person as I don’t know about her.
4. Mr. J. A. Ziegler, Jr. is Joram Jr. who is the son of Joram Sr. the brother of Maggie.
Joram Sr. died in 1935. Joram Jr. would be getting his father’s part of Maggie’s estate.
5. Virginia Ziegler which I found from researching the first letter was also a child of Joram Ziegler, Sr. and would be getting her father’s part of Maggie’s estate.

Now for the unknown mystery lady from the second letter, Mrs. Rule Onks. At the Washington County Tennessee Genealogy Website I did a search for Rule Onks. I discovered Onks Cemetery on the list I found Rula Z. Onks. It appears the letter I have had a typo instead of Rule it may have been Rula. Finally a small tidbit of information. On the U.S. Social Security Death Index at Family Search there is a Rula Onks born Oct. 7, 1899 and died Aug. 1978 she lived in Washington County, Tennessee. This is the county where Mrs. Rule Onks from the letter lived and where the Onks Cemetery is located. I still don’t know how she is related to the Ziegler family and Maggie Ziegler Edgemon.

Maggie had one other brother John B. Ziegler who lived in Oregon. John died in Oregon in 1926, he had several children. We don’t know much about his children and as far as we do know none of them moved back to Tennessee.

Maggie Ziegler and Chester Edgemon married in 1917 and as far as we know Maggie never had any children.

I’ve had these letters for several years and read over them but just said well I know most of the people. Since I started reading the Genealogy blogs I’ve discovered how much fun it can be to research these old letters and learn more about your family. There maybe someone else out there with this same letter which went to one of the other people on the list, wouldn’t that be neat!

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Harriet, Don't you love reading all of those old letters? My great grandfather kept a journal---and I have bits and pieces of it. SO interesting.