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I have several letters written by Richard Tuell to Will G. Ziegler regarding the estate of (Maggie) Margaret Jane Ziegler Edgemon. Will G. Ziegler was my Great Grandfather and Richard Tuell was the son of Emily Ziegler Tuell. Emily and Maggie were Will's sisters and they were the children of Jacob and Annabelle Ziegler. John B. Ziegler, Joram A. Ziegler, Sr. and Mary Annabelle Ziegler Moore were also children of Jacob and Annabelle Ziegler.
The first letter is dated Feb. 23, 1947. Maggie died May 4, 1946. I believe Aunt Anne to be Mary Annabelle Ziegler Moore who would have been an Aunt to Richard Tuell. Irene was Richard's wife.

Mary Annabelle Ziegler Moore died June 29,1947. I wonder if the family had gone to see her because she was sick?

It appears there was a lot of timber on the land which belonged to Maggie and they wanted to get a good price for the timber. I guess there was a shortage of timber after the War.

Miss Virginia Ziegler has been a mystery. I found no Virginia Ziegler in the Ziegler Family History which my Mom's cousin gave me. It seems by the comment "sticks to her school work" she could be a student, maybe college or maybe she was a teacher?

Yesterday, I searched for Miss Virginia Ziegler, she had to belong to someone! Finally the mystery was solved!! At I found Joram Ziegler on the 1930 Census. Since I'm not a member I took down the information and went to Heritage quest online through our library. Then under 1930 Census, Meigs County, Tennessee, Civil District 4, I found them. Joram and Emma Ziegler with their children Joram Jr. 28 and Virginia 13. On the Family History information I had they only listed J. Reed Ziegler who died in 1906 and Joram Jr.

I also found on the Obituary Database from the library a Virginia Ziegler and a Joram Ziegler, Jr. I'm going to get these and hope to find more information.

There are still lots of unanswered questions, what happened to Chester Edgemon, Maggie's husband? He must have been dead if Maggie's nephew was in charge of the estate? or maybe the property was Maggie's before she married? She was living with her parents at the time of the 1910 Census. Maybe they were divorced? The more research you do there are more questions that come up.

Well I'm still not sure what happened to Chester and Maggie. I found a Death Certificate in Texas for a Chester F. Edgemon born 1883 and died July 2, 1968. Birthplace! are you ready for this Athens, Tn. The informant was George Edgemon. Father Samuel Edgemon and mother Alica Boone. More research! At Family Search. com I found a Samuel Edgemon 51 living with his sons Chester, born 1883 and George, born 1885 on the 1900 Census McMinn County Tennessee. Sure seems this was the same Chester married to Maggie.

One problem, there is another Chester Edgemon (spelled Edegemon) same age, same county, district is different. He is living with a brother-in-law, Lee Sliger, can't make out the wife's name. Could this be the same Chester counted twice? What are the odds of two Chester Edgemon's being in the same county with the same birth year. It is possible!!

After looking at the 1900 Census I looked at some pictures I took last fall at the Buttram Methodist Church Cemetery. This is where Maggie Ziegler Edgemon is buried, Maggie is buried with the Ziegler's in the cemetery. I took some of Edgemon's mainly because my grandmother had Edgemon's in her line. Well, well who do I find Samuel and George.The birth years for Samuel and George match those on the 1900 Census. There is also a marker for M. H. Edgemon son of Saml and A.A. Edgemon and one for Katherine wife of Sam Edgemon, maybe a second wife. I remember there was another marker which you could not read and I didn't take a picture, this could have been A.A. Edgemon.

I'll keep researching. The next letter has ever more questions!


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Hi! Mary Annabelle Ziegler Moore was my 3rd great grandmother! Do you mind if i save this letter?


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