Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Martha Newby

Today's picture is from the new pictures which I just got, I'm still so excited. This is Martha Newby Burdick or as she put it on the back of the picture Martha Burdick Newby. This is my Great Grandfather Newby ( David Henry Newby) sister. She married a Burdick, maybe she was before her time and put her maiden name last.

On the back of the picture it says -
Compliments of Martha Burdick- Newby M.D.
Harvey Medical College
Chicago, Ill

Class of 1900

I would post the back of the card but the writing didn't show up when I scanned it.

Everyone thought this was a man until we read the back of the card, maybe it was easier for a woman in Medical school in 1900 to not stand out as a woman.
She and her husband lived in Denver,Co. I have found them in the 1902 and 1904 Denver City Directories. In the 1910 Census I found Martha and her husband and her mother Lydia Woodlee Newby living in Denver. In the pictures I have found some of her here in Tennessee so I guess they came to visit family.
Martha died in Denver June 14,1937 she was cremated and I'm not sure who had the remains but Aunt Betty and Lydia (her sister Lydia or her Aunt Lydia) had the remains buried with Martha's mother and the remains of her brother Tom Newby. They are buried at the Chattanooga Valley Baptist Church Cemetery. The marker has all three names.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Neat picture, Harriet. So she is your great-grandmother???? What an educated lady... A woman being THAT educated back then is rare isn't it?????

Interesting that she put her maiden name last.... She must have been WAY ahead of her time!

Harriet said...

These pictures are so neat! I look at them over and over. Martha is my Great Grandfather Newby's sister.
I would like to know the story behind the maiden name last.

Carole said...

Hello, Harriet -- Thanks for posting your information (and photos!) about Martha Newby. I came across your blog while doing internet research on Edwin Isaac Newby Burdick. The reason I'm researching his life is that his name was found inscribed in an archaeological site near Durango, Colorado--we found it while studying the site. The more I learn about Edwin and Martha, the more fascinating their story becomes--did you know he was quite involved in the women's suffrage movement in Colorado (women got the vote here in 1893). Thanks again! Carole Graham