Monday, June 15, 2009


I am so excited, I could hardly sleep! I have to keep going back to look at them, to make sure I didn't dream this. A couple of weeks ago I did a post about all the family pictures my Aunt Betty had. This was about the time a couple of my cousins decided to call the cousins in control and tell them the rest of us were coming out and tell them a date and time. They told them we wanted to talk about the estate. Well, yesterday was the day!

There was a stack of picture albums and small boxes, which they said was all of the pictures. I know how many pictures Aunt Betty had, several large plastic bins of pictures, a trunk full of pictures, and picture albums here and there in the house. I am thankful for the pictures which we were able to get, I just hate to be lied to.

There are some real treasures! Possible clue to a brick wall in the Newby family. I felt the only reason these pictures were there is because they didn't know who the people were. When I told them some of the stories which Aunt Betty told me they had never heard them.

I am so happy!! The first picture I had to scan was one of my Grandmother on vacation.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Harriet, I know you are THRILLED to get these pictures. Hope you got them all---even if you can just scan them and return them. Seems like the cousins would be thrilled that someone in the family is doing Genealogy.

Great picture of your grandmother. FUNNY!

GiVEAWAY on my blog today only. Pass the word.

Have a great day.