Friday, June 12, 2009

My How Things Change

Believe it or not these pictures are all taken from just about the same spot. The first one is the house I grew up in. My Mom lived here for over 50 years! Her parents bought this place when she was a kid. What wonderful memories of living there for all of us.
The second picture is during the development of the area. The last picture I made last week. The fire hydrant is the only way I can tell for sure, to the right of the hydrant was my front yard and to the left was my driveway. My How Things Have Changed!! It will be 20 years since they sold the place and moved. I'm so thankful they moved closer to us.


lindalee said...

What a change!! Almost shocking. I continue to have a fond feeling for all the places I have lived over my life. I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA, and when I am in town, will occasionally go back to look at the two houses I called home. My brother actually went up to one of them, knocked on the door, and was invited in to look around!!!

Harriet said...

I agree it is almost shocking. We just live across town now but each time we are over there it seems there is something new.I was also shocked as I wrote this 20years that can't be right, but it is 20 years this coming Oct.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

That's kinda sad, isn't it Harriet??? The house I grew up in has been totally renovated also---and the last time I saw it, I felt very sad. Everyone says that it is much prettier now--but not to me!!!!! Things do CHANGE... Darn it!!! ha