Monday, September 14, 2009

Memorial Card

Wordless Wednesday's post was a card (funeral, memorial, remembrance) that was in with some pictures of the Newby family which I was blessed to get from my Aunt's things sometime after her death. My Aunt had received the pictures from her mother. We think Mr. Newby was my Great Great Grandfather, King Newby.
The card is about the thickness of the old photos of that time period. It is black with gold writing. The really bad thing is the card doesn't have the name of the city which he lived in or the name of the company which printed the card.
After posting the card last week I just got a couple of comments from Betsy from Tennessee. She had never seen anything like this before. This reminded me that I really haven't had much time to research this type of card. So I Googled funeral cards and found a link to Ancestors At Rest which I have read a few times before. There I found cards which were similar to the card for Mr. Newby. Most of the cards pictured had the copyright and the printer's name. How I wish mine did.
I also found an interesting article at Ancestry on Funeral Cards. I believe after reading the article the card I have is a Memorial, or mourning card. I still don't know where he died but I feel a step closer just by finding out what type of card it was. My hope is that by posting the card and this information with links someone who knows more about Memorial cards will be able to provide some information about where this came from.
We think the family lived in Tennessee, Alabama and possibly in Georgia.

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Harriet said...

In doing research yesterday I found a Memorial Card at Old that has the same poem as the one I have. It also doesn't have the name of the maker of the card. The card is for a young girl age 9 who died in 1888. I am going to try to track down where this girl may have lived. Possibly the maker liked to use the same poem??