Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Most Dangerous!!!

Did anyone see the list of most dangerous neighborhoods for 2010? I was shocked to hear this morning that a neighborhood in Chattanooga was on the list. Found the link to the story http://www.comcast.net/slideshow/news-mostdangerousneighborhoods/ to find where  the neighborhood is located. It is downtown, sad to say it is very near the UTC campus and my husband's work is in the middle of the neighborhood.
I guess you just don't think that a neighborhood near you could make the list of most dangerous. They keep trying to tell us that Chattanooga doesn't have that much crime. Even though almost everyday we hear on the news about another shooting, stabbing, etc. and most of the time it is in this area.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

I had not seen this list, Harriet... I'm shocked that Chattanooga is on there.... Houston is not on there; neither is Dallas.. There are tons of other large cities not on there... Chattanooga is the only one listed from TN --except for Memphis (and it is on there twice I think)... I'm not surprised about Memphis -but I am shocked about Chattanooga... There must be alot of crime in that area... Wonder why????

Interesting --but scary.

A rootdigger said...

Is it crime they think makes it dangerous, and who says it is? popular opinion poll submitted to who, college students, residents?

hmmm wonder where our neighborhood fits into as a place you want to be my neighbor. jo