Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fearless Females -Women's History Month- Fay Newby

Thank you to Lisa Also, The Accidental Genealogist, for the wonderful Blogging Prompts to Celebrate Women's History Month. I am trying to work this into my Featured Family of the Month and do some stories on the Newby women.
My middle name is Faye after my Grandmother, Fay Newby Kelley, even though they are not spelled the same. She really fits into the Fearless Female category. Can you imagine facing the fear of becoming a widow at the age of thirty - six, in 1929, in rural Georgia, with six children in age from thirteen to two months. I know I've written about her several times but I admire her strength and courage. She really never seemed to let the events of her life get her down. She just took life as it came to her and made the best of it.
She married in April 1913.
Her first child, Bonnie, was born Jan. 1916.
Her Mother, Olivia (Jennie) died April 1, 1916.
Edgar E. Kelley, her husband died Feb. 22,1929 at the age of 45. Fay would have been 36 at the time.
Middle son wounded and almost killed in Oct. 1944. (My Dad)
Oldest son died March 1945 in Luxembourg.
Her father died in Dec. 1945.
Then her youngest child died in Nov. 1976, he was almost 48.This was the only time I ever remember hearing her say anything close to being bothered by the events of her life. At the funeral home she said " A Mother shouldn't out live her children and now I've out lived two of mine."
My Grandmother lived to be almost ninety-two years old. She never remarried. Her children were very good to her. The three daughters lived near and came to see her and took care of her. The two sons came to see her often and helped.
I remember my Dad worked near and would take his lunch time and go eat lunch with her. She said once that it gave her something to do, fix lunch and eat with Tom. We went to see her most Sunday afternoons. It was always fun when we got the stay and eat with her. I see that a prompt for March 7 is a favorite recipe, I'll see if I can come up with the recipe for my favorite thing she made.

My Grandmother Fay Newby Kelley with five of her six children.


cindy said...

I've often thought of poking into my grandpa's family. Not much is known of them.

Maybe you will be able to give me a few pointers:?


Harriet said...

I would be glad to give you any pointers I can, I'm no expert.
I went to your blog, I just have to say you are in my prayers. You are a Fearless Female of Today!
Maybe Genealogy research would be a good thing for you to get into.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

When I read wonderful stories like this, I wonder about people who get old and don't have any family to help them get through their later years..

George's daughter and hubby have opted not to have any children. That's okay I guess---but when Kelly gets old, if her hubby is dead, who will help her --like your grandmother's family helped her.


Harriet said...

I agree Betsy, it is great when there are children to take care of you when you get old. I hope mine do. I had a couple of aunts who couldn't have kids and they had to depend on nieces and nephews, I really was never able to do for them since I have been busy taking care of my parents for several years.