Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Martha (Mattie) Newby and Edwin Burdick

             Martha J. Newby Burdick and husband Edwin Burdick
David H. Newby's sister Martha (Mattie) married Edwin Burdick on Feb. 6,1897 in Wisconsin. Why Wisconsin, I'm not sure. They lived in Chicago,Ill. Looks like they met in college, Edwin was a lawyer and Mattie was a doctor. They later lived in Denver which is where Edwin was from. I recently ordered the marriage license from the Wisconsin Historical Society. I scanned the license and tried to upload it here but for some reason (too big a file) it never uploaded. I wish the license had some information on Mattie's family but really nothing new. It does show her father as K.N.Newby instead of K. H. Newby but this may have been a mistake. So the search goes on for K.H. Newby.
There were no names on this picture but based on the way they looked here compared to the way they looked in the ones with names I would say this is a picture of Mattie and Edwin. I've found no record of Mattie and Edwin having children. I think it is amazing that she was a doctor in the early 1900's.


Apple said...

Makes you wonder if they eloped!

There were few medical schools that would accept women back then but there were a few schools just for women and one was Woman's Hospital Medical College in Chicago. Even after graduating women had a hard time as patients often preferred male doctors so Good for Mattie!

Harriet said...

Mattie went to Harvey Medical College,class of 1900.I feel great pride not just that there was a doctor in the family but a special pride since that doctor was a woman!

Lori said...

You should be proud! That is awesome. What a wonderful story!