Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Union or Confederate?

As I remember the stories told by my Great Aunt one of my Great Great Grandfather's fought on the Union side and one fought on the Confederate side. Maybe I've just remembered it wrong! Maybe she had the story wrong.
At Footnote I found the Pension File on T. L. Farrell and Jacob Ziegler. I knew Jacob fought on the Union side however I was surprised to find T. L. Farrell there as well. I'm new to Footnote and don't know the rules of posting so I'll just give a link to the Pension File.
If anyone knows the rules on posting, please let me know.
Theophilus L. Farrell was in the 7th Regiment, Tennessee Mounted Infantry.At the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System I found the following information: copied
Organized at Athens and Nashville, Tenn., August, 1864. Attached to District of East Tennessee to March, 1865. 2nd Brigade, District of East Tennessee, Dept. of the Cumberland, to July, 1865.
SERVICE.-Duty at Nashville and Athens till March, 1865. Action at Athens January 28, 1865. Near Philadelphia March 1. Operations about Athens March 2-4. Guard passes east of Athens till July. Mustered out July 27, 1865.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Very interesting--that some of the family fought for the Union and some for the South... Bet that caused some very INTERESTING conversations in the family... ha


Dorene from Ohio said...

Your situation really is interesting!
My ancestors fought for the Union,
and my husbands' fought for the Confederacy, so I have a fondness for
soldiers on both sides!