Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Janette Matheny Borden Farrell's Family

There isn't a lot of information on Janette's family in what I got from my Great Aunt. Janette's father is listed only as Mr.Borden. Her mother is listed as Polly Huff. There is a note that Janette's mother and father divorced and she later married Mr. Jameson. Polly and Mr. Jameson had two daughters Jane and Queen Jameson.
Sometimes I have better lucky searching at Family Search so I first looked for Polly Jameson in the 1860 Census but didn't find her. Since I don't have her husband's name I decided to search for Queen Jameson in the 1860 Census. I found Queen Jamison, age 16, with mother Mary Jamison,age 45, and father B.C. Jamison, age 64. They were living in McMinn County,Tennessee. Then I looked back through the information from my Great Aunt and found a copy of the Marriage Certificate from the Bible and saw that one of the witnesses was a Mary Jameson. Their marriage took place at the home of the bride. I went to Footnote and saved a copy of the 1860 Census.

So far I've been unable to find the marriage record for Mary(Polly) and Mr. Jameson (Jamison). I did find a marriage record for Mary Huff (maiden name for Janette's mother) and David Borden, March 31,1833 in Rhea County,Tennessee.

In the 1850 Census the Jamison family had Campbell,Mary, Janette,Nancy, and Justina. Is this the same family?  I'm not sure. The father's name was B.C. Jamison and was 64 in the 1860 Census so Campbell, 55 in the 1850 Census could be the same person. Mary's age is off, she was 45 in 1860 and 30 in 1850. The age is close enough to be the same person. Janette was 16 in 1850  and 26 in 1860 so this could be the same person. Nancy and Justina are not the names of the sisters, however, I've seen several family members that went by different names on the Census or the names were recorded wrong.

I'm not 100% sure but Janette's father could be  David Borden and her step-father could be B.C. (Campbell) Jamison. I'll keep searching to confirm these finds.
 I would love to hear from anyone researching this family.

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