Tuesday, June 1, 2010

JUNE 1,2010 - How can it be June?

Wow! Where has May gone? It has been almost three weeks since I last made a post. Things get busy but I haven't completely forgotten Genealogy. I have been doing some research, at Family Search. com there are so many new things, Footnote.com has had the newspapers Free for the month of May, and World Vital Records had military records free for the month of May. I'm always glad to find information for free!

 I've been thinking for awhile about joining one of the online genealogy sites but was unsure which one. I joined Footnote.com on Saturday. Why Footnote, you may ask?  Because they had a wonderful offer (which I also love) $39.95 or 50% off. The offer was only good until May 31st, I told my husband that this is what he could give me for my birthday, but it would have to be early since the offer ended on the 31st. So much of the weekend was spent searching for never before seen information on our ancestors.I did find several items of interest, some of which I'm not for sure if it is our ancestor or just a person with the same name.

I found one item of interest on K. H. Newby. It is a Confederate States of Americia paper for K. H. Newby to purchase Nitre for the C.S. Nitre and Mining Service, May 1,1863. I know that K. H. Newby was a coal miner so this may very well be my K.H. Newby.

Also found in the Confederate Papers was  a William Brumley, in Chattanooga, Tn. right name and right place but is it the right William Brumley? I found a William Brumley - Rebel Citizen - taken from prison to USA Gen'l Hosp. in Chattanooga,Tn on May 1,1864 and returned to prison on May 2,1864, age 24. This may not be "our" William Brumley because according to the information we have been given, William would have been 35 in 1864. The thing is we are not sure if the information we have is the correct information so more research will need to be done on the Brumley family.

I found my Great Great Grandparents T.L. and Janette Farrell and five of their 14 children along with T.L. Farrell's mother (this would be my Great Great Great Grandmother Farrell) and two of T.L. Farrell's sisters in the 1860 Census.
I hope that I continue to find information on Footnote.

During the month of May I also scanned many photos which my sister-in-law had let us borrow, Brumley,Girton, Kibble families. I've been so excited! Now to discover who all the people are!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Harriet, Glad you are still enjoying your genealogy. Glad you got to join Footnote ---for such a great deal!!!! I need to pay and join some of those research places.. BUT--I am not going to put out the money until I KNOW I will spend the time doing the research. Right now, I just don't have the time.

There are probably more than one William Brumleys. That's the confusing thing when you find a name... Believe it or not, but my great grandfather was named William Hoge Bruce. We found another person named William Hoge Bruce--almost the same age... GADS!!! It does get confusing.


Harriet said...

It does get confusing when there are so many with the same name and lots of times they are related, uncles, cousins, etc.