Sunday, December 19, 2010

Earliest Christmas Memory

My earliest Christmas memory was when I was about 4 years old. I don't remember all the details. I think my Mom was finishing up some baking and wanted my brother and I to get ready for bed. Remember how hard it was to sleep on Christmas Eve? My Dad came into the room and said he was going outside because he heard someone in the driveway. He came back in with a gift for me and one for my brother. He said that Santa was just checking to make sure we were going to bed on time. Santa gave him the gifts since we had been good all year but we had better get to bed, if we wanted him to leave the rest of our gifts when he came back. We got ready and went to bed.
I can't remember what my brother got but I do remember my gift. It was a gun and holster. The holster was black with white trim and a silver star, I'm pretty sure I still have it packed away somewhere. The gun I don't remember very well, I guess it broke as most toy guns do.
I guess that I enjoyed playing cowboys with my brother. Mom has a picture of us, my brother had a cowboy hat and gun and I had my gun and holster and a doll. I remember the doll except I remember her differently!
In the picture she has beautiful curly hair, in my memory she has no curls and almost no hair. You see I cut her hair! I thought her hair would grow back as mine did when Mom cut it. I remember crying when mom said that the doll's hair wouldn't grow back. I played with her anyway, and loved her. I was so sorry I had cut her beautiful hair.

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