Monday, December 6, 2010

Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Growing up we didn't have any outdoor decorations at Christmas. My children inspired us to have outdoor decorations. When they were very young they enjoyed looking at the Christmas lights when we were out after dark. It first started with my daughter and then my son, when we saw how much they enjoyed the Christmas lights we would make at least a couple of trips out just to see the lights. As soon as they spotted the lights both would call out "pretty and gorgeous". It was so cute!
Then when my son got a little older he asked why we didn't have any outdoor decorations. So we would buy a few each year after Christmas. My husband and son would put them up each year. My son does most of the outdoor decoration now and my daughter does most of the inside. It is so nice that they want to decorate.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

I still like driving around the neighborhoods seeing all of the Christmas lights. People don't light things outside as much as they used to --but I enjoy seeing the ones that do. One thing I totally HATE --and that is those gaudy, plastic blow-up yard ornaments... YUK

We usually decorate a little outside --but not too much. It's perfect for us...

Love your two pictures.

Harriet said...

We like the hard plastic ones better but it is hard to find them. We still drive around some but not as much as when the kids were little.