Monday, April 12, 2010

Ancestor Approved Award!!

Thanks Leslie at Lost Family Treasures and to Dorene at Graveyard Rabbit of Sandusky Bay for the Ancestor Approved Award!
I am to list 10 things about any of my ancestors which have surprised me, enlightened me, or humbled me.
1. While scanning Newby family pictures I was surprised to find how the Davis family was related.
2. Enlightened to learn what a caring and loving man my Great Grandfather, Jacob Ziegler was from reading the transcribed letters which he wrote to wife, Annabella, during the Civil War.
3. Surprised to find out that Great Great Great Great Grandfather William Edgemon fought in the battle of King's Mountain.
4. Surprised by how much I learned about Maggie Ziegler Edgemon from the letters which I received from my Great Aunt's things.
5. Surprised to learn that there was an ancestor who was a Doctor and she was married to a Lawyer!
6. Humbled by the amazing courage and strength of my ancestors.
7. Surprised to find my ancestors were not always serious people but took vacations and had fun just like we do.
8. Surprised to find my husband's Great Great Grandmother Green was buried about a mile from our house!
9. Surprised to find a lady on line who had Brumley pictures which we didn't have who e-mailed them to me.
10. Humbled by the wonderful people I've met through Genealogy research who are willing to help and share information!
In looking around it seems that everyone has been given the Ancestor Approved Award, I don't think I could find 10 people. If you find your way to Genealogy Fun and have not received the Ancestor Approved Award please feel free to pick it up here!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Congrats, Harriet. That is a neat award.... AND you have truly found out alot of info about your relatives...

Enjoy this beautiful Spring day.

Harriet said...

Thanks! We are having a beautiful Spring! I've been enjoying your bird and flower pictures!

eugene said...

i dont know i felt kind of happy reading this post of yours,,,really dont know why.

take care now