Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - Lydia Newby Cantrell

The Newby family seemed to leave the area where they were born, some came back such as Lydia and Arnold Cantrell. Mattie lived in Denver and her brother Tom lived Roundup, Montana but they were buried in the Chattanooga Valley Cemetery with their Mother. Others left the Valley and only returned for visits, therefore, I don't have many tombstone pictures for the Newby's.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

I am lucky because most of my Bruce and Ballard relatives seemed to stay at least in one state, Virginia.

Can you imagine how much trouble people in the future will have trying to find our generation??? We all seem to move around alot more --and it's easier getting from place to place these days... Right now, I have one son in Texas, one in TN and one in Nevada..... Mercy!!!!!


Harriet said...

I guess we do get around more now.
It surprises me how much the Newby family got around. They lived in Georgia and Texas growing up. Then there were 7 children in the family and my grandmother was the only one who stayed in Chattanooga Valley. Two sisters and a brother lived in Ohio, one brother in Kentucky one brother in Alabama and one in Maryland. One sister (Lydia)lived in Ohio then Az. then back to Georgia. I'm sure they went north for jobs.